Can a cheek reduction offer a man more facial definition?

Can I get a more defined jaw by just getting a cheek reduction, or is it a safer bet to go with an augmentation of my upper cheeks instead? I'm not sure which one I need. I have a chubby face (not very manly looking, kind of baby faced) and I think that a strong jawline will fit me better.


F, 34, Maryland

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My husband just went through a buccal fat removal process as a way to try to more clearly define his cheekbones and his jawline. He's 42 and has always been called Baby Face by all of his colleagues and he was ready for that to change.

He also had the same thought that maybe having augmented upper cheeks might be helpful but his surgeon told him that removing some of the fat was going to do the trick. After he went through his surgery and healed from it, he had a much more chiseled look. He feels like he looks much more manly and I have to agree.

I would suggest that you talk with your surgeon to have an idea of what specific areas in your cheek really need to be addressed to give you that strong jawline look.

I got cheek implants 3 years ago and it changed my life. Before surgery, my face had no manly definition to it. My cheekbones were weak and my face looked chubby more than anything. I tried several natural alternatives to give my face that manly look and they never produced the results I wanted. After I got the implants, I have noticeably higher and more prominent cheekbones that make my face more masculine, and my cheekbones weren't as round as they were before. My face has slimmed down, its stronger, and it looks evenly proportioned.

I think that how your face looks after a cheek reduction would really depend on the overall structure of the rest of your face. While having fat taken out of your cheeks will definitely slim down the cheek area and give you more contour by your cheekbones, I'm not sure what else it will accomplish.

Having a strong jaw or a really chiseled look has more to do with your original bone structure. Fat deposits in your face definitely have an effect on that but not as much as your original bone structure unless you are really overweight honestly. I think that you might be more in need of contouring than you're expecting or maybe implants?

I just would worry that having a cheek reduction isn't going to give you the whole look that you're going for. You should really talk with a surgeon about it to see whether or not you're a good candidate for the buccal fat removal procedure.