Do I Have an Asymmetrical Face?

Hello everyone, there’s something wrong with my face and it bothers me a lot. I know nobody has a perfectly symmetrical face, but something is really wrong with my face. For some reason, my cheeks really look different from each other, as my left cheeks is a lot fuller and kind of longer than my right cheek as well. Why are my cheeks so different from each other? I have recently been diagnosed with an overbite and crowded teeth. Can these two problems with my jaw/teeth cause my cheeks to be so asymmetrical? Or is this because of another reason? 

Thank you in advance for your help.


M, 23, United Kingdom

Hey - I took a very close look at your photos and I don't see anything wrong with your cheeks. They are actually quite symmetrical. I have a feeling you're suffering from body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). I too suffered from BDD when I was younger. I thought my nose was really thick when I looked in the mirror but it wasn't. 

Why do you think your cheeks are asymmetrical and you need a cheek reduction? You look good man! Don't alter a single thing about your face. It's all in your head and it would be a real shame if you went to a doctor and they told you a cheek reduction would be a good procedure for you just to make some money. You don't need anything done to your face!