Does buccal fat removal improve your smile?

My face looks big when I smile even though I'm not overweight. I have chipmunk cheeks! Will a cheek reduction fix my smile?


F, 34, New York

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I am sure that getting buccal fat removal is going to greatly improve how you feel about your face when you smile. It sounds like you don't have a problem with your actual smile it's more that you are struggling with chipmunk cheeks basically. I know that's not a super fun term but that's the easiest way to describe what both you and I have.

I'm actually in the process of working with my surgeon to have my buccal fat removal done because I'm so unhappy with my teeth. When I'm not smiling they seem pretty okay but the moment I smile they just pop up like they're full of marshmallows.

Anyhow, my plastic surgeon has told me time and time again that this is going to make me feel more comfortable when I smile and that it's going to change my outlook. I'm pretty sure that you will have the same result and I hope that you do it.

Before surgery, I would get embarrassed every time I smiled because my face would look even puffier than usual and it would make my eyes look smaller. My overall face just didn't look symmetrical with any of my facial expressions. I decided to give buccal fat removal a try about four months ago and I couldn't be happier. After the initial swelling went down from surgery, my smile has improved dramatically and my eyes don't disappear behind my cheeks anymore. I even get compliments from people when I am out, about how nice of a smile I have. No one ever told me I had a nice smile before I had surgery.

A buccal fat removal completely changes your smile but it will change the way that your face moves when you smile. My friend had this procedure done about 6 months ago and once the swelling has gone down her smile looks 100% different.

Because it wasn't surrounded by so much cheek fat anymore her smile just seems more streamlined and easier to see. She didn't do it for that specific reason though. She was doing it because of her chipmunk cheeks. So, if you consider those to also be a problem and aren't just worried about the way your smile looks, I would encourage you to give this surgery a shot. She's really happy with the results.

This is exactly why I had a buccal fat removal done! My smile has never looked quite right and people frequently said that I have a mouth that’s very similar to Julia Roberts. No offense to her as an actress but I don't particularly love her smile which has meant that I have always been very serious in pictures for the majority of my life because I'm not very happy with how I look.

I decided to have this procedure done to kind of even out my cheeks and make my smile look better. I didn't think it would work as well as it did but it worked 100%. With a thinner face, my smile is pretty evened out and I have finally gotten to a place in my life where I can appreciate how I look. I know it's not as big of a deal is like having to have braces or anything else like that but it has really affected my self-esteem and now I feel much more confident in how I look.

I hope it is able to do the same thing for you because chipmunk cheeks are the worst.