Is getting buccal fat removal worth it?

I looked at lots of buccal fat removal before and afters and the end result is not all that obvious. I'd like to have a less subtle change in cheek reduction. After you had your surgery, did you feel that it was worth it?


F, 38, Michigan

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I feel like most people are going to say that they really appreciated their buccal fat removal but I honestly found it to be disappointing. I have really huge cheeks and I have been teased mercilessly for it all of my life and I was so excited to have a more angular face for the first time in my life. I talked extensively with my surgeon and I told him exactly what it was that I was interested in having done and why I wanted it.

He assured me time and time again that I was going to see the results that I was speaking. That isn't what happened. I definitely have more angular cheeks now but they're still huge and I would have to go back and have more work done to even see the sort of results that I was expecting.

I wouldn't always believe the pictures that they post about there before and afters where you're seeing people with giant cheeks suddenly becoming much thinner because it's not really what happens. I'm sorry and I hope that you find something that works for you.

Getting buccal fat removal was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had classic chipmunk cheeks, which affected my smile, my appearance, and my overall confidence. The procedure was pain-free and I experienced minimal pain for 2 weeks and some swelling that lasted 3 weeks. I never developed any scars from the procedure and I couldn't tell where the incisions were made a month into my recovery. Once the swelling went away, I was able to see what my face looked like and I couldn't believe the difference when I looked in the mirror. My face is slimmer and it has the contour I've always wanted.

My friend had this procedure done and you're right. Most of the time the result is a lot more subtle. When I asked her about it though she told me that her surgeon gave her a variety of options when it came to how much fat to take out. Obviously, there is a set limit that you can have removed but there is a variety of choices depending on how thin you want your face to be.

I'm pretty sure that you can choose a surgeon who is interested in working with you to have a much thinner face; however, you might end up needing to have a different procedure done to get the exact sculpted look that you're looking for. Regardless, reach out to a local surgeon that has good reviews to see if you can get what you are looking for from them.

Yes, this procedure is absolutely worth it. I have had a few other friends have the buccal fat removal done and I wasn't incredibly impressed with how subtle the results were. When I talked to them about it they told me that they had an option for how much fat they had removed from their face and that they chose a more subtle look. They encouraged me to go to the surgeon that they used and talk to them about wanting a more contoured look and I'm really happy that I did.

When I went in, I was able to explain the exact look that I wanted and check and make sure that this procedure was going to give me a more sculpted face. They assured me that it could and they took more fat than they did out of my friends. The end result was actually very pronounced and people noticed the difference immediately, which was kind of uncomfortable.

Regardless though, it was a pretty good experience and it gave me the look I was going for. Just make sure that you are visiting a surgeon that is willing to listen to what you need.