Is there a way to reduce cheek puffiness naturally?

I found websites that recommend chewing gum and making all kind of faces to slim down my puffy cheeks. To be honest, I'm not very optimistic about any of these tips. I've tried some of them and got no results at all. Now I feel like it's useless to try and find a natural way to get a more contoured face. I'm thinking that I should just go with the surgery or some other non-invasive procedure to get some real results. I'm writing this post just to make peace with myself and make sure I'm not missing any miraculous tip for cheek reduction. If you have any advice, please shoot, I'm all ears.


F, 36, New Jersey

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I spent many years trying to contour my face and get rid of the fullness in my cheeks. I tried tongue exercises, jaw and cheek massages, and blowing up balloons or chewing gum, all without success. I even tried a strict diet plan to lose weight, cutting down on salt, and avoiding alcohol and caffeine. Through the hundreds of things I tried, none of them gave me the results I wanted. While some did give me minimal results, it was barely noticeable and it didn't give me the contoured look I wanted. I ended up getting a buccal fat reduction performed and I couldn't be happier with the results.

I have never heard about chewing gum or making faces to try to reduce the amount of cheek fat that you have but maybe I'm wrong. I don't think that there's anything out of line with trying those things before you step into a cosmetic surgery. I think it would be just as important to focus on overall weight loss as well because the more weight that you lose the less fat that you have on your cheeks.

As far as I understand though if you have natural chipmunk cheeks no matter what size you are then the chances of that going away are very slim. I've had a friend consider the buccal fat removal process but they haven't moved forward with it because they're worried about the recovery process.

I spent about a year chewing so much gum and practicing a variety of faces in an attempt to slim down my face. I've always been scared of cosmetic surgery and I really didn't want to have to undergo it to have a more contoured face but it's what I ended up doing. All of those tips and tricks are clearly designed to work with people who already have a relatively slim face and did nothing for my chipmunk cheeks.

I'm really happy that I eventually ended up going to the surgeon because I got the exact results that I wanted for a relatively decent price and the process itself wasn't that hard. I chose to do the buccal fat removal and I would encourage you to do some research on it as well because it was definitely the best option for me.

Good luck and I think it's great that you decided to double check before you moved forward.