What results can I expect from a buccal fat removal?

I'm a 28 yo male with proportional body weight. Ever since grade school I've been called "Baby Face". I've been told that buccal fat removal will give me a more defined jawline, but wouldn't I be better off going for a chin implant? Or both? What are the pros and cons of each procedure? Thanks!


M, 31, Delaware

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Buccal Fat Pad removal is a surgery that has a significant recovery time that comes along with it. Due to the swelling that the surgery causes, it takes a relatively long amount of time until you can see the results. The average complete healing time is around three months. During the healing process, the body's cells repopulate the area. Once you are completely healed, it is this narrowed space that provides you with the look that was desired.

One may experience excessive swelling from this procedure if too much buccal fat is removed, or if the surgeon removed inappropriate tissue, such as a salivary gland. While the healing of each patient varies, a lot of it depends on exactly how much fat was removed. The key to success with this surgery is to remove the targeted amount of buccal fat. 

I don't have specific experience with either procedure, but I have always had the same problem. I am nearly 30, but people mistake me for being barely 20. It may be a blessing in the future, but it is annoying at the moment. I started to look into facial yoga techniques, and I think it might be helping to strengthen and tone parts of my face. Have you tried other techniques already?

I don't know about chin implants, but I’ve read that buccal fat removal surgery is a relatively new procedure on the plastic surgery scene. The surgeon makes incisions inside your mouth and removes the fat pads that line your cheeks. The effect is a leaner face with higher-looking cheekbones. The sutures are absorbable, so nothing needs to be removed after surgery, and supposedly it is a pretty painless procedure. You can even go back to exercising right afterwards, unlike with other treatments for facial fat (like liposuction.) The only thing I would be concerned about with this procedure is, the facial nerves are really close to the fat pads that are removed and a surgeon who isn’t careful could potentially damage those nerves. The procedure itself is pretty quick – about thirty minutes – and they can do it under local sedation or under IV, depending on what the doctor recommends. Seems like an easy way to get rid of chipmunk cheeks that were so cute when we were young but just start to look like jowls as we get older!

It depends. Providing a photo would definitely help. Do you have a receded chin? If not, I don't think a chin implant would help you. Depending on how fat your cheeks are, at only 28, you may want to consider stepping your workout routine up a notch. I used to have a fat face and then I got really big into working out. My face no looks very chiseled.