What was your buccal fat removal experience like?

I heard it's a pretty easy procedure. I read that I can even go to work the next day, which is great (I don't want to waste my vacation days). Will my face get swollen and bruised post-op? Could you eat properly afterwards or is it just liquid foods? Please share any information about your buccal fat removal experience.


F, 32, Arizona

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My buccal fat removal experience went well and it significantly improved my appearance. The procedure wasn't pain-free... I had some tenderness with mild swelling. I experienced light bruising on my face and some difficulty opening and closing my mouth within its normal range. For the first two weeks, I had to go on a soft food diet and was able to resume my normal diet afterwards without any issues. As for the pain, it subsided after two weeks and the swelling was gone in little over a month.

The procedure itself is really quick and easy. I had a co-worker who had it done who was able to return to work the next day with only a small amount of bruising. But this isn't always the case is what I understand so I think that your particular results are going to depend on whether or not you have a more negative reaction to surgery. So, if you get cuts and scrapes that don't heal well or find that you bruise really easily, then you're probably going to see more issues than someone like my friends would.

Because the incision for this procedure is inside your mouth it can be difficult to eat for a short period of time. I believe that you have to follow a clear liquid diet or 3 to 4 days and then you can switch to softer foods.

I had some bruising after my buccal fat removal but I also tend to bruise really easily. It wasn't nearly as severe as anything that you would see from a nose job or anything like that but it can be pretty painful.

You do have to follow a liquid diet for 3 to 4 days following your surgery and then it suggested that you stick to soft foods for a period of time. I didn't mind that because it gave me an opportunity to lose a couple of pounds that I had been needing to shed for a while. Overall, my surgery wasn't that big of a deal and I'm really grateful for the results.

My experience with buccal fat removal surgery was flawless. I had a great medical team that explained what was going to happen during the surgery, and what to expect afterward. The day of the surgery I was put to sleep, so I don’t remember anything. When the doctor was done, they took me to the recovery room to let the anesthesia wear off. My friend took me home and I had to rest with my head elevated. The pain was minor, and I took pain reliever for it. I couldn’t eat anything solid until the next day, and then I only ate soft food. I had to rest for the rest of the week but after that, I was back to my usual activities. The important thing is to follow the doctor’s instructions (especially when it comes to brushing your teeth well) so that your incision doesn't get infected.

My buccal fat removal experience went wonderfully. My doctor had warned me about bruising, bleeding, and swelling throughout the face so I was prepared for a much more intense experience than I actually had. I went through the entire procedure easily and found that I didn't have much bruising or swelling after the procedure. Granted, I have a really good ability to heal but still, I was expecting much more.

I did have to follow a clear liquid diet for 3 days, which was rather frustrating for me. As I healed so well and because I felt so good after the surgery I felt like I should be able to eat, but I was worried about my sutures. No one likes following an all liquid diet for that long and I was definitely more grumpy from the lack of food that I was from the surgery.

Overall, the entire experience was pretty positive and I would suggest that anyone who is unhappy with their cheeks or face shape should give it a shot.