What's an easy way to achieve a lower cheek reduction?

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I never thought that I'd have the start of jowls at 29, but here I am. It's probably hereditary since my father has the same (but more obvious) sagging skin around his lower cheeks. I'm not sure buccal fat removal is what I need because it's more about skin laxity than removing fat, I guess. What do you think? Would fillers be a good idea or should I try something else?


F, 29, Connecticut

There are several ways to removal lower cheek fat and jowls.  The cheek fat can be removed surgically or injection fat dissolving or with the Agnes device.  My favorite is the Agnes device- it is a handheld radiofrequency microneedling device that can precisely be placed into the fat for heat ablation at the tip.  This heat will kill the fat and may tighten the skin.  Its done done under local anesthesia with around 4 days of minimal swelling and bruising.


Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver, Colorado