Will a buccal fat removal accelerate aging?

I have pretty heavy cheeks and they make me look way older than I am (I'm 30, by the way), so I'm already dealing with this problem. I think buccal fat removal only makes people look older when they take out fat that didn't need to be taken out just to follow a stupid internet trend. I actually really need smaller cheeks so I don't think smaller cheeks will make me look old. Dunno, what do you think?


F, 31, Arizona

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Yes! I had this procedure done because I've been unhappy with the way my face is shaped for a long time. I've always felt really cheek heavy and when I found out about the buccal fat removal I decided that it was definitely the best choice for me.

But even after talking to my surgeon about what I was looking for and my concerns about it making me look too old, I was surprised at how I look. I won't argue that my face is thinner and I won't say that I'm 100% unhappy: however, I look about a decade older. I'm pretty worried now about how my face is going to look when I get into my 50s because I'm so old looking already. I'm definitely already saving up to be able to have regular fat injections and I wish that I could reverse the process.

After having my buccal fat removed a year ago, I was happy with the results it gave me. I had a slimmer, contoured face and those stubborn chubby cheeks were finally gone. I got endless compliments from people I knew and I thought it was the best decision I ever made. However, once I hit the one year mark, I noticed that my skin was starting to sag a little more than it did last year. My face absolutely looked much older. When I consulted my surgeon, he told me that as I age, the hollowing will get worse and my sagging skin will get worse. I regret getting this done.

I think that any cosmetic surgery can stress your skin and make it more prone to accelerated aging; however, that doesn't mean that you have to just accept it. If you decide to have a buccal fat removal done then you definitely should be prepared to step up your skincare routine. Regardless of how old you are you should be focusing on products that lend a lot of moisture and has collagen repair systems built into it. Following that sort of skincare process is going to help you to keep a more youthful appearance for a longer.

I think it is important to note that having fat removed from your face is kind of what aging does naturally. The fat deposits that you have and the collagen in your body stops working as well as you age. So you are basically pressing fast forward on a process that you probably would have been able to avoid for a while.

From everything that I found the process of having fat removed from your cheeks is going to make you look older. In fact, I had my procedure done because I wanted to look my age instead of looking like a full face teenager while in my early thirties. While that's true though, there's always the chance that you won't look that much older but that you'll just have a more angular face.

I'm trying to figure out though if you're just trying to determine whether or not you will physically look older just from having fat removed or if you think that you go fat removal is going to accelerate your overall aging. So, from what I understand yes it is going to make the effects of age happen more quickly once you hit those periods of your life. That's because the thinning of the face is a common side effect of age and having less fat is going to create more opportunities for your skin to wrinkle.

So, maybe you won't look older from having this procedure done but you will unintentionally be having age acceleration issues when it comes to your skin.