Would Botox relax my jaw muscles for a cheek reduction?

How efficient is Botox in reducing your cheeks? I'm interested in trying it but I'm worried it won't do much for slimming my face.


F, 36, New Jersey

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I went with Botox to try to relax my jaw muscles and give my face a slimmer look. At first, it worked really well and I was really happy with the effect. Eventually, though, the effect wore off and I realized that I would need to go back in frequently to have more Botox done. During the process of waiting for my second treatment, I found that the in-between look was not right for me.

So, when I went back in I just talked with my doctor about doing a buccal fat removal instead because the results for that are more long-term. I'm much happier with the fat removal because it gave me the exact look that I wanted and it still looks good now. I think that you should sit down and talk with your surgeon about your options to make sure that your needs are being met.

I used Botox injections to get a slimmer face and to reduce the size of my chubby cheeks, as it significantly affected my appearance and it made it hard to feel confident when I was around other people. It took several injections throughout the course of several weeks before I noticed any type of significant difference in the shape of my face. My normally round face, began to develop a prominent v-shape and my cheeks began it get slightly smaller. Although it made a noticeable difference, especially in the jaw area, it didn't give me the cheek reduction I had hoped for.

Yes, Botox can make your face look slimmer. From what I've researched, it works as a way to relax your jaw muscles and then the chewing muscles in your jaw. They work together to produce a much slimmer line for your cheeks. While you'll get the look you are looking for, you'll end up having to go back for recurrent treatment.

So, if you don't mind going in and having injections every couple of months to keep a slim face then this is the right choice for you. Personally, I did not want to keep going back in over and over so I went and had a buccal fat removal done for long-term slimming.