Anyone Have a Vitalize Peel Done?

My dermatologist is telling me that I should start doing Vitalize Peels because they help with skin texture, tone and fine lines and wrinkles. She said if I can afford it, she recommends I get a peel once a month. She charges $175 for each peel. Are they worth it? Is once a month too much? Thank you. 


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Hi KathyLahren,

In my New Jersey office, we perform hundreds of peels of month and the Skin Medica Vitalize peel is probably one of our most popular options because of how well it works, how safe it is in all skin types, and how minimal the side effects are. Monthly peels are appropriate and typically how we advise patients to repeat their protocol for approximately 6 peels depending on progress and goals. The Vitalize peel is unique in that its second step (the actual "peel" part) is a Jessner's solution which contains two acids (Salicylic and Lactic Acids) and resorcinol. This type of solution is clinically proven to help treat acne, as well as improve tone and texture.

I would highly recommend continuing your research on this type of peel and discuss all intricacies of treatment with your provider before undergoing treatment, but I can assure you that you will be happy with whatever decision you make if you're well informed. 

Good luck,

Dr. Jeanine Downie

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I'm doing exactly what your dermatologist is recommending and I love the Vitalize Peels. They're not too harsh, there's zero downtime and I really do believe they're helping with my skin texture and tone. I get so many compliments about how great my skin looks from people. I've also had Theraplex Peels and think they're comparable to Vitalize. $175 is cheap! My doctor charges $250! If you have the money, I would suggest getting a Vitalize Peel every month. You'll notice a big difference in your skin after your first few peels.