What Are The Steps Involved With a Chemical Peel?

I want to get a chemical peel and I'm curious how long they take, how many steps are involved and what should I expect? 


F, 35, Minnesota



A chemical peel involves 3 simple steps: 

1) Prep - Depending on the peel type, prepping your skin may be as simple as a quick wipe with alcohol or acetone.
2) Acid application - From a make-up sponge to gauze, or even a fan brush, the acid(s) is applied slowly and deliberately in a typical and repeated pattern.
3) Neutralization - Some peels require a final step to counteract the acid’s activity. Others become inactive with time and exposure to air.

* Be sure to always follow your providers post-peel instructions for optimal results.

After your peel, you should expect to be a little red (unless it's a stronger peel - then you'll be red for a longer period of time). With a superficial peel, you'll have very little downtime. (medium and deep peels require longer periods of downtime). 

Thank you!