What's the best way to exfoliate skin at home?

Is vigorous exfoliation good for your skin? I noticed all the new procedures, such as microneedling and microdermabration, are using deep exfoliating techniques to remove outer layers of skin. Can this be achieved at home through classic exfoliation methods like scrubs? Can vigorous scrubbing be damaging when these procedures are having a much more traumatic effect to the skin and still be considered good? Cosmetic doctors say it's because they improve collagen production. Do scrubs get you similar results?


F, 31, New Jersey

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We recommend a glycolic acid wash initially, a glycolic cream at night if a stronger exfoliation is desired or a glycol/salicylic wash if prone to acne. A scrub wash can be used once a week as well.

For in office exfoliation we recommend chemical peels, such as the VIP Peel or Nanolaser peel.

Ken Oleszek, MD
La Fontaine Aesthetics
Denver, CO

It is wise to do gentle exfoliation at home with a glycolic acid facial wash (best to purchase through a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to get a high quality product that you cannot get at the drug store or department store)  It is best not to be too vigorous at home, but consistent use of a good facial wash will help.  Intermittently see a professional for some microdermabrasion or a microlaser peel to make your home wash even more effective.