Chin Implant? Cost, Pain, Types?

Hi Everyone, 

I'm almost 20 and for my entire life I have always hated my side profile. The main reason I've hated my side profile, is because I have a relatively flat chin. It doesn't recede, so much as it doesn't project. I am looking into getting a small chin implant, but I'm not sure if I should go with an intraoral implant or one that's inserted under my chin. I've heard that having an implant placed intraorally carries a higher infection rate risk, but I also don't want a scar on the bottom of my chin. I noticed there are many different materials implants can be made out of (e.g. gore tex). I also wonder if it's better to have the implant placed in a pocket the surgeon creates, or if it's better to have the implant screwed into my jaw. Anyone know how much different the healing process is between these two styles (screws in jaw, vs. an implant sitting in a pocket)? Is one more stable than the other? Also, I live an active lifestyle and don't want my implant to move. Is this a major issue with chin implants? Thanks! 

As a side note, I've seen a ton of men with linear scars underneath their chins and always assumed it was because they smacked their chin on a counter. Perhaps many of them were due to chin implants? 


M, 23, Ohio

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I had an intra-oral Gore-Tex implant placed in a pocket (without screws) 10 years ago. It was well worth it. I had a little trouble speaking for a few months from the swelling, which wasn't very visible if you looked at me, but had minimal pain and it greatly enhanced my side-profile. My chin was more flat than receded but the implant really gave me a much more masculine jawline. I'm assuming having screws placed in your jaw to hold the implant in place is much more painful and the recovery is longer. If you are a boxer and there's a strong chance the implant will get knocked out of place, then you may want to have it screwed in. I am a very active person and I can tell you my implant has never shifted or felt like it was going to shift (been hit in the face with a soccer ball too and nothing happened). I think my body has formed a very tight, tough to break pocket around my implant. 

Ha, I always wondered if those linear scars were from chin implants too!