How realistic an option are jaw implants?

I'm a 22 year old guy who I think most people probably consider to be fairly good-looking. But I hate my jaw, it's hard to explain but it's just…weak. I know I'd be way more attractive if I had a stronger, more masculine looking jaw and have heard that some plastic surgeons are able to insert jaw implants to achieve the exact effect I'm looking for. Except the whole thing sounds a little sketchy to me, how can they could even do such a thing? So is it possible to get a legitimate jaw implant and are there any other ways I could get my jaw looking stronger?


M, 25, California

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The lower portion of the face is really shaped by the jawline. Your jawline begins at one jaw angle and continues around a convex chin to meet the other jaw angle. The jawline is actually the facial bone that covers the largest surface area of the face. While the chin is often the first thing noticed because it sticks out, the angles of the jaw also play an important role in aesthetics. 

People desire to have chin and jaw angles that are sharp and well-defined to show a striking facial appearance. Weak jaw angles can also make the neck look fuller and create an obtuse neck angle. One way of enhancing the jawline is actually to get chin implants. While chin implants of the past did not come in a variety of styles and sizes, as the demand for them has grown their shapes have extended and they are not just long and small central implants. Creating this enhanced chin that leads better into the jawline is the most anatomic approach for most people who are looking to cosmetically enhance their jawline. 

In order to create a smooth transition from the side of the jaw to the chin implant, the chin implant extends farther back into the jaw, creating a blended look. These newer options for people looking to enhance their jawline are long and tapered at the ends, creating a seamless look. However, they can still be surgically inserted through a small incision from either inside the mouth or under the chin.

While it is possible to have a jaw implant, I think it is mostly used to even out appearance. Is there something specific about your jaw that you would like to see changed, such as asymmetry? Some people simply choose to look into chin implants rather than full jaw implants. Maybe that's something to look into?