I have no chin. What are my options?

I am a 28-year old male and I am sick of being self-conscious about having no chin. I look even worse when I try to grow facial hair. I'm not bad-looking which is why my friends think it's okay to tease me about it but they have no idea how upsetting it is for me to have no chin to speak of. I never thought I would consider taking action but it feels like it will only get worse as I get older and I would at least like to know what procedures are available for those of us with weak or no chins and what kind of costs would be involved as well?


M, 31, Utah

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A chin augmentation can greatly improve one's appearance. There are several options for people who are interested in getting a chin implant. The chin can be altered either with synthetic implants or by the surgical procedure of advancing your jaw forward.

There are three main types of synthetic chin implants. These include: Silicone elastomers, POREX implants, and PTFE. The most commonly used implants are silicone, however, they do have the downfall of being subject to rotate and lose their shape. Silicone implants can be easily placed through a small incision in the mouth or under the chin. 

Porex implants, on the other hand, are more difficult to be inserted and are porous. They need to be inserted through an incision under the chin, which provides the doctor with a cleaner cut and better visibility. Porex implants allow scar tissue and blood vessels to grow inside of them, but they are the best implants in terms of stability. These implants are stabilized with a screw, which is not felt by the patient. 

The PTFE implants are a bit softer than the others and are also less likely to move around. However, they need to be stitched into place, which can possibly lead to more scarring. Similar to silicone implants, the body does not work its way into PTFE implants. 

When a Sliding Genioplasty is performed, a horizontal cut is made through the lower jaw to allow the jaw to be at a greater height as it is pulled forward. The jaw is then set into its new place with screws and a plate, which is not felt by the patient. 

Which chin surgery you choose greatly depends on your own preferences and the advice from the doctor you have chosen.