Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon Before Getting a Chin Implant?

Hi - I'm considering getting a chin implant for my somewhat receded chin and have been doing research online about the procedure. I'm curious if anyone has tips on what questions I should ask the plastic surgeons I consult with before deciding to proceed with the surgery? 


F, 24, New York

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Hi JMurphy - 

Here's a list of questions you should ask your surgeon prior to undergoing chin implant surgery: 

  1. How many years has your plastic surgeon been practicing? 
  2. How many chin augmentation procedures has he/she performed?  
  3. How will your chin implant be inserted? Through an incision in your mouth or under your chin?
  4. What type of material will your chin implant be made of? (e.g. Silicone or Gore Tex)
  5. What type of anesthesia will your surgeon use? (i.e. local or general anesthesia) 
  6. What are the associated risks with chin implant surgery? (e.g. infection rates, paralysis and/or numbness)
  7. How will the chin implant be fixed to your jaw? Will it sit in a pocket or be drilled into your mandible? 
  8. How much will your chin implant surgery cost, including surgeon's fees, general anesthesia, etc.?
  9. How long and what will your recovery be like? 
  10. Will I have issues speaking after the procedure? If so, for how long?
  11. How much time do I need to take off from work?


In addition to these questions, I would also ask to see many before and after photos of patients who have had chin implant surgery with the surgeon you're considering. You may also want to ask your surgeon if you can speak with other patients of his/hers who have had chin implant surgery.