Can I smooth out my chin crease with botox?

I have a prominent chin crease (I've heard some people call it a mental crease), which is like a deep horizonal line between my chin and my bottom lip. I think that it makes me look super tired and old, and I've just recently realized that I could probably smooth it out with botox or some other filler. Is this an option? I haven't spoken to a doctor yet.


F, 45, Delaware

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I've had a similar crease in my chin for several years, and I definitely agree that it aged me a bit. However, when I went to talk to a doctor about it, I found out that the solution isn't quite as simple as it seems. According to my surgeon, this type of chin crease (which is called a labiomental crease by the way!) is essentially like cellulite in the chin, not a normal chin wrinkle. The most effective way to fix it is to get a procedure that involves snipping the tiny bands of collagen under the skin surface that are holding the crease so firmly in place or get dermal fillers to lift up the crease. In my case, I was able to just get Juvederm (a facial filler) to make the crease go away.

Now that I'm in my 40's, I've realized that I'm starting to show the early signs of aging. I expected to see crow's feet and laugh lines, but I didn't expect to see creasing in my chin. The crease makes me look old and tired, so I wanted to have it fixed. I really did not want to undergo any invasive procedures, but luckily my doc suggested Botox treatment as a non-surgical treatment option. I was able to get rid of my chin crease using Botox and fillers.

According to my doctor, the crease is the result of the underlying muscle and tissue. The Botox injection would help to relax the muscle. However, Botox was not the only thing that I needed. To fill the fold, my doctor said that I needed a filler to plump the crease. I did have some concerns about the side effects Botox could have on my face. After having read more online however, I found out that side effects are rare. I am happy with my results. My chin is a lot smoother and I don't look nearly as old as I did.

Definitely talk to your doctor. Botox can help tremendously with chin creases and fine lines. When it relaxes the muscles, it relaxes the crease so it does not look as prominent. Now, if your crease is really deep, then fillers might be a good idea. I had the Botox first and it looked a lot better. But, I was not quite happy with it, so I added the filler. It looks so much better now, but do be careful when you choosing a doctor. Make sure that your doctor uses a low amount of Botox first to see how it looks on you. I didn't do that the first time that I went in for treatment and I had a bit of an issue. My bottom lip looked pretty distorted for a few months. I even changed doctors over it. My new doctor is a little more careful and I am very happy with my appearance. So, yes, talk to your doctor about it and see what he or she thinks about your specific crease.

It might be an option, depending on how deep the crease is and what caused the crease. In my case, fillers were helpful, but the results were not quite as impressive as I was hoping for. I've had a pretty deep crease right under my bottom lip for years, and eventually I decided to get it taken care of. My doctor took the time to discuss both Botox treatment and Belotero facial filler with me. He told me that Botox was mostly useful for the types of wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions (like frown lines) because it helps to relax facial muscles. Since my crease was present even when my face was relaxed, he recommended Belotero to help add more volume to my chin. The filler did help to smooth out my crease, and it definitely isn't as prominent as it once was. However, you can still see it a little bit, especially now that the fillers are starting to wear off. Though they aren't a permanent fix, I think it worked well enough that I would consider getting it again.

I had the same problem. The crease looked so bad and noticeable. It messed up my entire lower face. It was even causing me to have puckering lines on my lower lip. I thought that I looked so old. I would pile on makeup and attempt to contour and shade, but it often just looked ridiculous. So, I went to the doctor to find out more about Botox for my chin. He said that because mine was so prominent that it may not help much, but I tried it anyway. It erased the lines in my chin area and made the creases a little less noticeable. The results really made the treatment worth it. But, I wasn't entirely happy with the results. I ended up getting dermal fillers after the Botox treatment wore off. I got Restylane filler, and that helped even more than Botox. My chin looks more normal to me now and I look much younger. So, maybe get Botox and the fillers if your chin line is really prominent. I really love how my chin looks now.

I absolutely hate my mental crease! I believe that it makes me look masculine and weathered. After years of being unhappy with my appearance, I finally plucked up the courage to do something about it. I met with a dermatologist a few weeks ago, and she recommended Botox injections for my chin crease. She said that Botox treatments will relax my chin muscles and gradually smooth out my crease. I read online that some doctors use Botox and a hyaluronic acid filler to smooth out deep creases. Luckily, my crease is not deep, so I am only getting Botox. My dermatologist showed me several of her patients' before and after chin Botox photos, and I was really impressed by how smooth and natural their chins looked in their after photos. You should definitely speak with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to find out if Botox can help improve or eliminate your mental crease.