Chin lift using Botox. Does it work?

I read an article about Botox being able to lift the chin. Does it work in casess of receding chin? Did you have good results with this procedure?


F, 33, Maryland

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I also read a similar article about Botox treatments being used to lift the chin. I thought Botox would be a good option for me because I had a receding chin, and I did not want an invasive chin implant surgery. During my consultation with my plastic surgeon, I informed him that I wanted to lift my receding chin and also get rid of the dimples in my chin. My plastic surgeon suggested that I use Botox to weaken the muscles in my chin and use Juvederm (a dermal filler) to extend the length of my chin and make it prominent. Although I had hoped to be able to lift my receding chin with only Botox injections, I don't think Botox alone would have been the most effective cosmetic treatment for me. Nonetheless, I am really pleased with my new chin. It looks more pronounced, natural and pretty.