Chin lift using Botox. Does it work?

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I read an article about Botox being able to lift the chin. Does it work in casess of receding chin? Did you have good results with this procedure?


F, 31, Maryland

I haven't had the procedure personally, but I did look into it a bit when I was first considering a chin lift. My chin has been so small that it has made my profile look weird for years. I was ready to find a way to fix it. Right now, that treatment is still relatively new, so I don't know if you can find anyone to actually do it yet. Some places use Botox to lift up sagging along the jawline, but it's still rather rare to use it for a receding chin. From what I've heard though, it could potentially be helpful in some specific types of receding chin. Apparently, not all receding chins are caused by underdeveloped jaw bones; in some people, it may be due to overly tense neck muscles pulling down on the chin. So theoretically, Botox could be useful for relaxing those muscles and letting the chin move upward. However, I didn't want to wait ages to try out something that was still experimental, so I just ended up going with a more traditional chin lift surgery. Botox chin lifts don't seem like a longterm solution to the underlying issues. With so many cosmetic procedures available to manage this issue, I don't think that Botox is the most effective way of dealing with a chin issue.

I also read a similar article about Botox treatments being used to lift the chin. I thought Botox would be a good option for me because I had a receding chin, and I did not want an invasive chin implant surgery. During my consultation with my plastic surgeon, I informed him that I wanted to lift my receding chin and also get rid of the dimples in my chin. My plastic surgeon suggested that I use Botox to weaken the muscles in my chin and use Juvederm (a dermal filler) to extend the length of my chin and make it prominent. Although I had hoped to be able to lift my receding chin with only Botox injections, I don't think Botox alone would have been the most effective cosmetic treatment for me. Nonetheless, I am really pleased with my new chin. It looks more pronounced, natural and pretty.

There is a muscle that pulls down on the face. This can often pull the muscles of the face and neck muscles down giving it a saggy look. A chin lift uses botox to stop that muscle from pulling the face down. This allows other muscles to pull the face back up. There are also muscles that pull back the chin bone that gives an appearance of a weak chin. Botox can relax these muscles and allow the chin to be a little more prominent. Treatment with Botox works well for those looking to only raise the chin slightly. I tried these treatments, and I must agree that my jawline and chin did look a lot better. My face looked like it just went directly into my neck before the treatments. After, you could actually tell that I had a chin and jaw. I was pretty amazed by the results. It gave me an option for improvement without going in for plastic surgery. I guess what I am saying is that if your issues are extreme, it may not be enough to correct the problem completely. It helped me, but did not get rid of the issue entirely. I am happy with the results, even if I would have preferred an even more prominent chin. It is at least a good option to try before considering a major surgery to fix the issue. I Hope that helps a little.

I might've read the same article as you, because I went to my plastic surgeon asking about the process. Unfortunately, I couldn't really find anyone in my area to even give it a try. It seems like the Botox chin lift procedure is still rather experimental, and it may only work on people who have a receding chin because the muscles in their lower jaw are pulling their face down. Hopefully, it will become more widely available in the future. Ultimately, I ended up going with a chin implant because my chin looked so small and receding. The chin lift surgery was a little harder to recover from compared to Botox, so I wish I'd been able to give the Botox procedure a try first. However, I think the end results were worth dealing with all the inconvenience of plastic surgery.