How long does Botox for chin lines last?

When I pull my mouth corners down, I see lines forming in my chin area and my marrionette lines also get more prominent. I'd like to do something to solve both of these issues and I was thinking that Botox might help. How long would Botox last in this area? I read that it's only a few months but it must be longer than that...


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Sadly, what you've been reading is probably right. According to my doctor, chin Botox typically only lasts about four months because that area of the face is so active with all the talking and chewing that we do. A higher dose can make the effects last a little longer, but then you run the risk of using too much Botox and getting a slightly mask like appearance. I noticed that my wrinkles were beginning to come back within about three and a half months, but even five months after the Botox, my chin creases were not as deep as they looked before the surgery. Though it is slightly inconvenient to get repeated Botox treatments, I personally think it's probably worth it. The process is over pretty quickly, and I really prefer to not look all wrinkly. I've heard that repeated treatments tend to last a little longer, so hopefully I can start stretching out the time in between my treatments even longer. You can also look into dermal fillers. They aren't for everyone, but they do tend to last longer and have few side effects. I looked into them a while back and, if I were to go that route, I'd probably go for Juvederm filler, but for now I'm sticking with my tried and true Botox treatments.

It would be so nice if we could just have a magic wand to make all fine lines go away forever. Unfortunately, that wand does not exist. However, we do have Botox, which is pretty close to magic. It only last for a few months, usually 3 to 6 months depending on the amount of treatments and how your body reacts, but after regular treatment it can start to last longer. I have been getting Botox for years to keep those nasty fine lines at bay. I have Botox last for 7 to 8 months before recently, but not everyone experiences this effect.

The injections make facial muscles relax. This makes the muscles stop contracting, causing the skin to stop creasing. It can also help to eliminate the permanent lines already in the skin. Unfortunately, the muscles do not stay relaxed forever. Once they begin to contract and move normally, they start creasing the skin again.

I know what you mean. I struggled with crow's feet and chin wrinkles before I got Botox. I must have tried every facial cream and moisturizer at the drug store! Botox smoothed out my chin wrinkles, and now I look 10 years younger. After your initial Botox treatment, you will need to get touch-up injections every three or four months to maintain your wrinkle-free face. I love how rejuvenated and pretty I look since using Botox. I get so many compliments from strangers and co-workers about my youthful appearance, and my self-confidence has improved. I think that you will be pleased if you decide to get Botox or a similar cosmetic procedure. Just make sure to find an experienced, plastic surgeon to perform your Botox injections.

In my experience, chin Botox can last for about 5 months which is slightly less time than forehead Botox. My plastic surgeon warned me that the results would probably only last somewhere between 3-6 months, and it seemed like my chin wrinkles started appearing quicker than my forehead wrinkles. Though the chin Botox work was initially effective, I went in for another round of injections after about 4 months. I'd guess it doesn't last as long as other types of Botox because we use our jaws for so much talking and chewing. I'm kind of considering getting fillers instead of Botox next time I need a touch up, since those supposedly last quite a bit longer.