Is Botox effective for chin wrinkles?

When I tighten the muscles in my chin, I notice wrinkles forming in that area. I did a bit of a research and Botox seems to solve this problem. Is it effective? Has anyone tried it?


F, 37, Delaware

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I'm 35 and starting to notice wrinkles forming on my chin. I didn't think that I needed to get any invasive plastic surgery, but I definitely wanted to get rid of my wrinkles. I decided to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. She suggested that I consider Botox. I honestly had no idea that Botox could be used in the chin area. My doctor assured me that I would get the results that I wanted. She said that Botox would relax the muscles in my chin, eliminating any chin dimpling or wrinkles. Because my wrinkling wasn't advanced, I didn't need to use any dermal fillers. However, if Botox was not able to get the job done, I would have considered using fillers.

I had my Botox treatment performed by a doctor with a lot of experience. Because of the chin's close proximity to the mouth, it's important to have an experienced doctor perform the injections. Too much Botox in this area can cause the loss the ability to use your lips. I was very happy with the results. I'm six months post treatment, and the results still look great.

Honestly, if they are only showing when you tighten the muscles, you could probably hold off. If it concerns you or you feel like those lines are impacting your appearance, then give it a try. Make sure that you do not have anything important planned for awhile after the procedure. The lines in my chin were pretty noticeable. I had a lot of friends who had really successful results with chin-tox and other botox treatments. It was a few weeks before my wedding and I wanted to look my best for my soon to be husband. I didn't know that the doctor needs to be really careful in this area and I didn't ask enough questions before the procedure. Apparently, I got too much Botox too close to the muscles of my lower lip. It caused it to look so distorted and it made me talk funny. I was heartbroken. I almost cancelled my wedding. Fortunately, I have an amazing man by my side who told me how beautiful I was no matter what. So, I didn't cancel the wedding. With a little carefully planned makeup, it was hardly noticeable in the pictures. For me, I do not think that I would ever get it again. But, I do have a lot of friends who swear by it. So, just be prepared in case something goes wrong, and you are stuck with the results for months.

Based on what you're describing, it sounds like you have wrinkles similar to the type I used to have. These types of wrinkles, are called dynamic wrinkles and mostly show up when the muscles in the face are moving. Botox works by reducing muscle activity in the area it's injected, so it keeps all those tiny muscles from pulling on the skin and creating wrinkles. In my case, Botox ended up greatly reducing the appearance of the vertical lines that extended down my lower face from the corners of my lips. The procedure was quick and easy, and once the swelling went down, I could immediately see a difference in the creases along my chin. When my face is at rest, you can't really see them at all, and when I move my mouth to talk or eat, the wrinkles are much less noticeable than they used to be. My face doesn't look significantly different or anything, but I do look a bit younger and less grumpy.

I did notice a decent reduction in my chin wrinkles after Botox, especially when my face is still. Before the procedure, I had deep "marionette lines" running vertically along my chin. After getting the injections, I found that they were far less noticeable when my face is not moving. However, keep in mind that the area might still crease slightly whenever you frown or smile. In my case, the wrinkles were too deep to fade entirely but Botox treatments might completely erase fine lines.The only downside for me was that my results started to fade after about four months. Right now, I'm considering getting dermal fillers (Juvederm or Restylane) along my chin wrinkles, since fillers last longer and is supposedly more effective.

I got Botox injections three months ago to treat my chin wrinkles. I assure you that Botox works. I was a little disappointed when I didn't notice any difference in my chin immediately after the injections. But my plastic surgeon informed me that it usually takes a couple of days to see an improvement. He was right. My chin was noticeably smoother and wrinkle-free by the third week. I love that the process was gradual because I did not want anyone at my job to know that I had a cosmetic procedure. My chin still looks great after three months, I had zero side effects, and I intend to continue getting chin Botox every four months to maintain my appearance.

While I can't give you any official medical advice, I can tell you from what I've experienced going through this issue. The key thing is that, if you only notice the wrinkles when you tighten the muscles in your chin, then yes, Botox will definitely help. It relaxes the muscles and keeps fine lines from becoming permanent lines in your skin. I waited until mine were pretty deep before I got Botox injections, but it still helped a lot. I look much better than I did. I also had what's called orange peel skin, a real bumpy like texture, that the Botox got rid of that completely. I am so pleased with the results. If you are starting to see lines, I would definitely suggest getting the Botox as soon as you can. This will stop those lines from becoming deeper. The best way to handle anti-aging is to prevent issues from occurring instead of trying to correct them after the happen. That's why skin care is so important, and why the earlier that you get cosmetic treatment for this issue, the better.