Is Botox used for chin reduction?

I know Botox doesn't melt fat, but can it reduce the size of jaw muscles to create a chin reduction effect. Would this be a viable chin reduction option?


F, 41, New Hampshire

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The idea of using Botox for a chin reduction was briefly mentioned during my consultation with a plastic surgeon, but she said that she didn't normally recommend it. In cases like mine, where my large chin is just due to the underlying structure of my jaw bone, Botox doesn't really do much. The only thing that Botox does for jaw reduction is reduces muscle activity, so it might possibly helpful in situations where someone has accidentally built up a large masseter muscle (chewing muscle). My doctor mentioned that even in cases where the jaw size was due to a lot of overdeveloped muscle, Botox wasn't always ideal because it takes a lot of very strong treatments over a very long period of time. My chin reduction surgery was pretty simple, since all they did was slightly recontour the bone and tissues of my jaw, so you might want to consider giving that a try if you aren't a fan of your current jaw shape.

If your chin is large due to muscle, Botox treatment will help a bit. It does take a lot of injections though. I had to go in a few times and get several injections on both sides. After a few weeks, my chin did seem smaller and got a good bit smaller after a couple of months. If yours is all due to muscle, this may be a good option to provide some reduction, but it isn't going to help you completely shrink your chin if your situation is like mine was. I would suggest giving it a try and seeing if it is enough of a shrinkage for you. That is what I did, but I did end up getting surgery in the end as mine was mostly bone. It will also depend on how fast you want your chin fixed because the Botox option does take a good deal of time to get the full effects. If you are wanting a quicker option, surgery may be a better option, but I still recommend getting the botox first. The surgery is pretty rough and requires more recovery time, but I did get a jaw reduction surgery at the same time to improve my lower face all at once.

It can be done! I hated my large chin, so when I read online that people were using Botox for chin reduction, I was eager to find out if it was right for me. I had a consultation, and I was deemed a good candidate for Botox chin reduction. After I had the Botox injections, my chin muscles started to weaken and decrease in size. Botox definitely helps with chin reduction, but you have to get multiple Botox injections, over the course of several months, before you achieve the results you want. Then, once you have the right look, you have to maintain it by getting chin injections every three to four months. As a result of getting so many injections, my weakened facial muscles have caused my mouth to look a bit stiff when I speak and chew food. But that is a small price to pay for looking more attractive and having more self-confidence.

In my case, Botox was helpful to slightly reduce the size of my jaw. I'm constantly clenching and grinding my teeth, so I'd inadvertently built up quite a large jaw muscle over the years. I started out with very low doses of regular Botox, to ensure that I wouldn't have any side effects from the procedure before gradually working up to slightly higher doses. It took quite a while of regular injections, but I can definitely see a noticeable difference in my before and after pictures. However, my doctor did mention that not all of her patients could use Botox for chin reduction. It turns out that some people's chin area is large due to the underlying structure of the bone, so the Botox procedure wouldn't really work for someone in that situation.