Coolsculpting vs. SculpSure

I went to my doctor asking for Coolsculpting because I saw it on Keeping up with the Kardashians, and he said he has a similar product called SculpSure.  Does anyone have any feedback if this product is as good?


F, 47, California

I think both machines are comparable. Coolsculpting freezes fat, which is then removed by the body, while Sculpsure uses a laser to liquify fat, which is then removed by the body. I had Coolsculpting performed under my chin and found it to be mildly effective. What I did not like about CoolSculpting, was the cost ($1500), the number of sessions I had to have (4) and the amount of time each session took (an hour). I have heard that Sculpsure only requires a single session and is not as expensive, but don't quote me on that. I'm sure someone on this forum has had an experience with Sculpsure, so I'll let them speak about that. 

I have had several friends who are cosmetic surgeons tell me liposuction works far better and is much cheaper than any of these non-invasive treatments, but most people are afraid of having an invasive procedures. 

I see.  Having "liposuction" seems strange to me because I am not heavily overweight, and I was looking for a procedure thats non-invasive.  Thanks for the info George!

George is incorrect about the number of sessions Sculpsure requires. Sculpsure typically requires multiple sessions, that take approximately 20-30 minutes each. I had Sculpsure performed on my stomach and it was not painful. I had four sessions and it cost me $500 per session. I am satisfied with my results. It definitely approved the laxity in my stomach. 

I had Coolsculpting done. I can't say I had amazing results, but my results are good enough to justify the cost of the procedure. It wasn't painful, although I hated having to visit the doctor's office for 5 sessions! I'm a mother of two and I work full-time and it was tough finding time to make it to the doctor's office. I would recommend Coolsculpting, but my love handles weren't large. They just needed a little tightening. I would not get Coolsculpting if I was significantly overweight. 

I decided to have liposuction instead of Coolsculpting.  I think the jury is still out how well Coolsculpting actually works.

I had CoolSculpting done in January and I am quite disappointed with my results.  I did not lose any inches around my waist and my stomach, although being maybe a bit tighter, it was not the results I was expecting.  It was also very painful for 2 hours at a time and not cheap.  

I read an interesting post on a medical forum a few weeks ago and some of the doctors said that CoolSculpting can be dangerous. The doctors thought that cryolipolysis (CoolSculpting) may lead to some complications and could potentially cause an auto-immune reaction. I'd be careful! 

Googled the difference and found this article...


Never heard of SculpSure, but I had Coolsculpting and it worked for me!

Not for me :( But I have heard some people getting a lot better results than I did.

interesting. i wonder why it works on some people and doesn't work on others. what does the doc have to say about your results (or lack thereof)? did he offer any explanations?