Is CoolSculpting worth the cost?

I'm interested in having Coolsculpting performed to remove a small amount of excess fat on my sides. I've heard Coolsculpting can be painful and may not produce very noticaeble results. I've heard it's $5-6K and you have to return to the doctor's office for multiple treatments. Is this true? Can anyone share their experience with Coolsculpting? Thanks! 


M, 40, New York

For a small area such as your sides I would say it is a good option, but yes it can be uncomfortable but tolerable and there is no downtime which is great.  I did my sides, upper and lower abs about 6 weeks ago and I am slowly starting to see a difference.  I was told that it does take while, but when the fat cells are gone they are gone for good.  It is pricey, but for those small stubborn areas I think its a good idea.  You do have to go for a few treatments, but it is in a comfortable room, I watched TV, you can go on your lap top, read a book and I have even heard that some people will nap.  if you go to a good place they make as comfortable as possible.  Overall I am happy with my choice as I did not want to have another invasive surgery.  Good Luck!

Thanks, Flash. Do you mind if I ask you how much you paid? 

I had Coolsculpting done and loved it! It's a little annoying that the sessions are so long, but I had great results. There was minimal pain but I was 'numb' around my sides and stomach for nearly a month after my last treatment. Not sure what that's from. 

Hey Carl,

My sister had coolsculpting and is happy.  She said you do not see the results right away - it took a few weeks or even months after she went through all of her sessions before she saw real results.  But in general I think she is happy :) and cuz she would never do lipo!

Sure!  I paid about $5k and I had 4 treatments and each treatment was 2 hours.  I had my treatments about 4-7 days apart and I was told that you should not go longer then 10 days between treatments.

Thanks for the information. Not sure I'll have time to go in for so many sessions!