Should I expect Abdominal Swelling After CoolSculpting?

Obviously, if I am going to get CoolSculpting on my abdominal area it would be nice to know if any swelling will occur. The goal of this is to make my stomach smaller not larger, right? I wouldn’t be concerned if I did not have some important events coming up within the next few weeks. If anyone has some stories to share that would be great thanks!


F, 36, Utah

Yes, the goal is to make your abdominal area smaller.  Sometimes the treated area is slightly swollen for a few weeks after Coolsculpting, but not much.  We do notice the area may be sensitive to the touch and that goes away in 4- 6 weeks.  The full results are usually seen at 3 months out.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Coolsculpting Certified Practice

Denver, Colorado