What happens during earlobe repair surgery?

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I was born with deformed earlobes. It is something that I have struggled with for many years. Is it possible to have a surgery to repair my earlobes to something half normal? Thanks.


F, 40, Tennessee

I never thought that I would get plastic surgery but my many years of wearing heavy earrings left me with very stretched earlobes. To my dismay, the procedure was not highly invasive and I was able to return home the same day. In total, my procedure took between 20 and 30 minutes. The procedure may take longer if you have significantly damaged earlobes. A local anesthetic was used to numb the area. During the procedure, an incision was made in my earlobe and it was stitched back to its original position. I did experience visible scarring for about 8 weeks. After the procedure, my ear looked normal and there was nothing indicating how it previously looked or signs of scarring. I highly recommend the procedure, it has allowed me to seek opportunities that my previously damaged ears would prevent me from getting.

Earlobe surgery is performed on people with deformed earlobes whether through physical deformity or via the use of gauges. I am 23 years old and have had gauged earlobes since I was 17. I am in the process of looking for a corporate position and I know that having gauged ears is usually not something a company would be looking for so I have looked into the surgery.

It is especially common for people with flesh tunnels (which I have). If you have flesh tunnels that are more than 8 millimeters, they are not going to heal on their own. 

Flesh tunnel sealing is relatively simple and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes. However, if you have deformed earlobes, it may take a bit longer depending on how deformed they are.

From what I read, an incision is made on the earlobes and the stitched in the position of a normal ear. The entire procedure is performed using a local anesthesia. No matter how deformed you think your ears, you would be surprised at the miracles that surgeons can perform in just half an hour. 

After the surgery, you will be able to go home without the need for an overnight stay at the hospital. You will probably have a red visible scar for about 8 weeks but it will eventually fade. If you are looking to increase your self-esteem, or just need to enter the real world like me I suggest getting this surgery. I have already consulted with my plastic surgeon and am scheduled to have this done over Christmas. Good luck everyone!

I’ve had my ear gauges since I was a teenager, and now that I’m 23 and looking for a job, I just don’t feel like that look goes with who I am now. I looked at earlobe surgery options and picked a doctor I could trust. The plastic surgery procedure is for people that either have ear deformities or have an earlobe hole from large gauges.

The doctor told me about flesh tunnel sealing, which takes about a half hour. This type of surgery is also used for people who have deformed earlobes. I had a friend in junior high who had droopy earlobes, almost like he had gauges, except he was born that way. I remember he had reconstructive surgery and his earlobes looked normal.

Once you’re all set up for cosmetic surgery, they give you local anesthesia. They make an incision on your earlobes and stitch it up to where it looks like a normal earlobe again. You get to go home the same day and rest. It will take about 2 months for the red scar to go away, and soon, your earlobes will be back to normal. I scheduled my surgery in June, and by the end of July, my earlobes looked almost like they did before I stretched them out with gauges. I recommend getting this surgery if you have earlobe deformities or if you did something that you now regret, like stretching your earlobes out with gauges.

You didn't say what type of deformity you were born with, but from what I understand there are a few kinds. I was born with cleft earlobes. I grew up hating my ears and was very self-conscious. So, I know how you must feel. Ordinary ears can be taken for granted. But, when your ears are deformed, over-large, stretched, cleft, or a torn earlobe they are hard to ignore or conceal. I had earlobe repair surgery to reshape my earlobes, which included using additional skin for earlobe reconstruction.

My ears look great now, and I feel so much better about my appearance. I recommend that you see an experienced plastic surgeon who has before and after photos from previous surgeries. My surgery took 45 minutes and required general anesthesia, but your ear surgery may take less time and only require local anesthesia. My recovery was easy and my ears healed as expected without any complications.

During my more rebellious teenage years, I thought it would be a good idea to gauge my ears. I stretched my ear lobes well into my twenties, and eventually wanted to find a corporate job. Those types of jobs are not readily available to someone with large holes in their ears, so I looked into getting an earlobe repair procedure. There is a surgery available to help people with deformed or stretched ear lobes. When you go in for the surgery you are put under local anesthetic and an incision is made in your ear lobe, which is then stitched up to resemble a normal ear. The procedure is relatively short, less than an hour usually. I was fully recovered within a couple days and had minimal scarring afterwards. Some people experience longer recovery periods or more scarring based on their overall health and the size of the holes in their ear lobes.