Facelift Experiences

I have to admit I have looked into the possibility of getting some work done.  A facelift is scary to me and seems drastic but also seems like the only procedure that would benefit me.  Some of these other procedures seem to be a work around and don't actually do much except for the "placebo" affect on the brain.  Has anyone had a successful facelift that they could tell me about?  Would love to know what type of downtime you faced after the procedure and what the recovery is like?  Thanks so much!



F, 65, New Jersey

Hi Helen,

My mother-in-law had a full facelift a few years ago and it was the best thing she ever did, she was so happy.  She had discomfort for the first few days and things go noticeably better from there.  She took off from work for 2 weeks and it was the perfect amount of time.  Her doctor told her 10-14 days so she took the full 14 days.  She is not one for taking pain meds but she filled the prescription just in case, she only needed to take it the first 2 nights and then that was it.  Everyone is different and everyone handles pain differently so it is a good idea to at least have it filled just in case.

Hope this helps!  Good Luck!

i don't think you're giving some of the noninvasive treatments out there the credit they deserve. have you really looked into all the options? light and lasers? ultrasounds? stem cells? those are all backed by research and are known to give more than a "placebo" effect.