I Had a Facelift and I Think I Look Great, but My Hands Look Old Compared to My Face. Suggestions?

Hi, I had a facelift last year and I am very satisfied with my results but now my hands look weathered. Any suggestions? 


F, 59, New York

I recently had Exilis laser treatment on both of my hands, to help give them more of a youthful appearance. I was happy with the results, but at a few hundred dollars per session, I might go with fillers such as Radiesse in a year or so. I believe most doctors charge about $700, but the results last almost 2 years! My derm also told me I should be extra cautious when going outside. We’ve all heard it before, but it really is important to load up on sunscreen to protect against harmful UV rays. Hope this helps, and good luck with whatever you decide to do :)

You can also try a non-invasive treatment. My mom uses Nivea Creme after each time she washes her hands. Her hands have become less wrinkly and hard. They look fair now. She's 65-years-old and has been a single mom, working so hard all her life. But Nivea Creme makes it less obvious visually.

Liver spots and other signs of aging or weathered hands can be improved with laser treatments (e.g. Fraxel). You can also try having filler injected into yours hands to restore lost volume, which is a sign of aging. Chemical peels are another great way to improve aging hands. Vein alteration surgery may also be performed to remove extra veins that appear as you age.