Are fat injections to the face painful?

I am petrified of needles but am thinking about getting a little facial rejuventation to the face with some facial fat injections. Has anyone had experience with them and are they painful?

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You have nothing to fear. My surgeon used my thighs as a donor site and injected the fat into my cheeks and lips. I was given anesthesia, so I did not experience any pain or discomfort. I did have some minor thigh soreness, bruising, and swelling that lasted about a week, but it wasn’t painful. If you are concerned about discomfort during or after the procedure, you should speak with your doctor. My doctor and I discussed what I should expect during and after the procedure, so I felt at ease and prepared. Now, my cheeks are plump and youthful, and I look so beautiful and well-rested.

I wanted to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure that restored fullness to my face and made me look younger. However, the notion of a fat transfer freaked me out. At 51, I am still very afraid of needles and have a strong aversion to pain. I was prescribed medication before the procedure to deal with any pain I experienced during my recovery.I didn't feel anything during the procedure due to the fact that I was under a local anesthetic. There was some mild pain and swelling during the 1st week after the procedure. I took the medication to help me deal with any of the pain I experienced. I also used ice packs to deal with any swelling and discomfort. I didn't find the pain to be unbearable. The pain subsided in about a week.

I had facial rejuvenation completed with fat injections, and it wasn't painful I had volume added to my lips and cheeks, as well as scars in my skin caused by acne. I had fat removed from my outer thighs. I am thrilled with the results because my skin is now smoother and my cheeks and lips are more prominently displayed. My surgeon allowed me to see lots of before and after photos from previous patients, and I pointed out the look that I wanted to achieve. My results look natural and very precise. I closed my eyes during the procedure, and the atmosphere in the office was both professional and very relaxing. I didn't see the needles, and I really didn't feel any discomfort because they numbed my skin before each treatment. I recommend facial rejuvenation with fat injections! My results are natural looking and beautiful, plus the removal of fat from my outer thighs was an added bonus. I'm thrilled with my new enhanced appearance. They prescribed me pain medication for after the procedure but I never used it. I was good with Ibuprofen.

I decided to get fat injections in my face when I noticed that the loss of volume was affecting how I looked. Areas of my face looked sunken and my wrinkles were more visible. I decided to undergo a fat injection procedure to restore my face's volume.

I asked my plastic surgeon if the fat transfer procedure was painful. I have a low threshold for pain and didn’t want to experience anything that was too intense. I was told that I wouldn't feel any discomfort during the procedure because I would be asleep during it. I did experience pain afterward. My doctor prescribed pain medication before the procedure, so I had that to rely on when I got home. I only needed to take the prescribed drugs for three days. I switched to Tylenol to deal with any remaining pain. I didn't experience any pain that I would consider to be unmanageable.

I had fat injections done about six months ago and I am really happy I went; however, I was really scared at first because I absolutely hate needles and didn’t want to suffer too much pain from it. I never thought I would get plastic surgery but this was a procedure that I felt comfortable with after speaking with my plastic surgeon.

First of all, the procedure itself didn’t hurt. My doctor used a local anesthesia so that I was only lightly sedated and it took about an hour. It was also an outpatient procedure so I was able to go home that day. The fat grafting was done to my flanks and the fat cells were then injected into parts of my face that have lost elasticity. I really wanted to get this done because I started suffering from smile lines, hollow under-eyes, and wrinkles.

I really expected things to hurt much worse over the first week, but it wasn’t very bad, to be honest. I had the expected bruising and swelling, both on my face and where they took fat, but I was prescribed painkillers for that pain. I was also told that I could do gentle facial massages and regular ice.

The next week I didn’t have much pain at all. The bruising was almost completely gone but there was still a little swelling that wasn’t very painful. The donor area had more swelling then the injection site, but it was cleared up completely by the third week.

So, there will be some pain just like you would see with any surgery. Most of it can be managed with the prescription they give you and a little over the counter pain management too. The small amount of pain is worth the facial rejuvenation.