Can fat transfer be done to the lips? How much does it cost?

Does anyone have any experience with fat grafting to the lips? How much will it cost me and how often do I need to return to the doctor?


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I had thin lips and really wanted to have full natural-looking lips. I looked into a few different lip augmentation procedure options, including dermal filler, lip implants and fat transfer. My surgeon showed me photos of previous patients who had fat transfer, and I liked the results. I also chose injected fat transfer because the results are permanent, unlike dermal filler. The fat transfer is also more natural looking than implants. The cost usually ranges from $1,000 to $2,500, depending on the amount of fat being transferred, the area it is moved from and if the upper and lower lips are both treated.

I had the fat transferred from my stomach with liposuction and injected into my lips. I love the minor results that I got from the liposuction and the significant results I got from the fat injections into my lips. The procedure was pretty simple, and I just returned to doctor after the procedure for a checkup. If I had wanted to add more fat that was an option, but I'm thrilled with my fat transfer results!

May I ask where you had this done? Thank you!

Yes absolutely! Using your own fat is actually better then anything else injected into the lips!

The cost consists of obtaining the fat from your body through liposuction which can cost around $2500 per area and then transferring is an additional cost of around $500-$1k to the lips. 

You won't have to return to the doctor for quite sometime!


When I had fat transferred to my lips, I paid roughly $2500 for the whole surgical procedure. It’s a little pricey, but that total included the removal of fat from my abdominal area, fat injections to my lip area and the doctor’s fee. But the procedure was well worth the expense. My lips used to be uneven, and they are now perfectly symmetrical and plump. Unfortunately, in order to maintain my perfect lips, I have to get them touched-up with fat injections every six months or so. But I like how my lips feel softer, and I look younger, so it’s worth it. I have also used regular fillers to treat my lips.

If there was one thing that I didn't like about my face, it was my thin lips. I didn't want anything large, but I definitely wanted fuller-looking lips. My friend suggested that I consider having my lips augmented using a fat transfer technique.

Fat transfer, or fat grafting, is natural and I love the results. My plastic surgeon explained this was a great option. He did tell me that some of the fat would get reabsorbed. However, the fat that remained would be long-lasting; one of the benefits of having a fat transfer to augment lips. Getting lip enhancement was not cheap. My procedure cost $1,500. The cost can vary by location and surgeon.

First of all, the price for fat transfer to the lips can greatly vary depending on how much you are having transferred, where you go, and your decisions when it comes to anesthesia. Mine cost me around $2,500, but that was a cost I was willing to do because I had been receiving regular Juvederm injections.

The procedure itself was really easy and mine only took about 45 minutes to complete. My surgeon pulled fat from my belly for my lips but it may differ depending on your body. I had bruising that lasted for a week or so around my lips and swelling that continued for two and a half weeks. Pretty basic surgery recovery, honestly.  I also had fat injected into my under eyes.

Supposedly the results from this type of augmentation are permanent, so you shouldn’t have to go back in to have them refilled; however, I have a friend that had to return after a year to have hers plumped back up. I think it really depends on your body but I haven’t had to go back in since I had mine done over two and a half years ago.