Has anyone tried fat grafting under the eyes? Does it work?

I have dark circles under my eyes and am considering fat grafting versus a dermal filler. Does anyone have experience with getting fat transfer to under the eyes? Where do they usually harvest the fat from and how long will it last?


F, 36, Pennsylvania

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I had a fat transfer under my eyes for dark circles back in 2014 because I thought it was the best facial rejuvenation option. There are some great positives but you really need to see a great plastic surgeon otherwise they may overfill and make you look puffy.

When I had mine done the surgeon told me that the hollowness underneath my eyes was casting a shadow so I constantly had dark circles. He suggested the fat transfer to help boost that hollowness and it definitely worked for me.

He pulled fat from my stomach as there is so much of it there and put a little under my eyes while I was under anesthesia. I didn’t feel anything during the procedure and was kind of out of it from painkillers the next day. But when I finally came to I was surprised by the amount of bruising and swelling on my face.

My face was incredibly swollen for probably a week and a half because it is such a sensitive area and I had huge chipmunk cheekbones. Everything felt bruised and I kept using my prescription and an over the counter pain medication for about two weeks.

However, I eventually healed and still don’t have as much darkness under my eyes. I was really happy with my choice but I had a friend who saw another surgeon for the same procedure. They drastically overfilled their under eye and now their face looks swollen all the time.

So, it’s a good choice with a great surgeon but only if you can afford the better doctors. Fat grafting to the under eyes was a perfect procedure for me because I was not ready to have invasive plastic surgery like a facelift to rejuvenate my face. I am only 45 so I will potentially look into invasive surgery when I am a bit older.

Fat grafting for lower eyelids/tear trough is a very good alternative to traditional fillers.  There is no risk of the Tindel effect and fat is plentiful meaning that full correction is almost always possible.  A microcannula can be used to minimize trauma, pain, swelling, and bruising.  Fat also should last much longer than most fillers.

I started noticing dark circles forming under my eyes and decided to do something about it. I decided to have fat transfer underneath my eyes because I wanted natural filler. I underwent the procedure a year ago. My face was puffy immediately following the procedure. I felt that I looked unnaturally swollen around day eight. I called my doctor to express my concerns, he said the swelling was normal.

Two months later, I was able to see the full results and loved what I saw. I no longer had hollow areas and dark circles under my eyes. It's been two years since the procedure and I still look great. What I really love about the process is that the results I see are permanent.

I had under eye fat grafting done a few years ago to reduce the appearance of my dark under eye circles. My plastic surgeon took fat from my thigh and transferred it to my under eye area. Some people prefer to have fat removed from other “trouble spots” like their stomachs, buttocks or hips. What I love about fat grafting is that the results can last for many years, unlike dermal fillers. Of course, there is always the chance that your body could reabsorb some of the fat, and you may need to a second fat grafting. However, if the procedure is performed properly by an experienced surgeon, you should not have that problem. I am really pleased with the results of my fat grafting procedure. My tear troughs are no longer visible, and I was able to get rid of my crepey under eye wrinkles.

Yes. I underwent a fat injection procedure and love the results. I had sunken-under eyes as a result of a loss of fullness in my face. I decided to undergo fat grafting because it's natural. No foreign substance were injected into my body. The fat used came from another area of my body. The results of my injection to the eye area look natural. The fat cells injected really filled in the volume loss I was experiencing.

My plastic surgeon injected more fat than was necessary because she knew that my body would absorb some of it. The injections can last years. It's been about two years and my results look as good as they did when I initially had the area underneath my eyes done. 

I had very dark circles under my eyes, and I couldn't get rid of the problem. I did try dermal fillers with some good results, but I wanted a more permanent solution. My problem was genetic. But as I aged, it became more and more apparent. My doctor said that my dark circles were caused by a combination of fat and bone loss around my eyes, and he recommended that I fill in the shadow with fat grafting. A fat transfer procedure is a permanent answer, and 70 percent of the fat can survive long-term under the eyes. My surgeon harvested fat cells from my abdomen using a tiny incision and re-injected my fat to the treated area. When you visit your doctor, you will be provided with options for where the fat can be removed.

I'm thrilled with the results that I achieved. My dark circles worsened with age and always caused people to ask me if I was feeling ill or tired. My life has changed. Instead of answering questions daily from coworkers, friends and family about why I look sick, I'm being asked for advice on looking young and staying healthy. My self-esteem has improved dramatically, and I feel more motivated to take on life's challenges. I'm thrilled with my results, and I highly recommend fat grafting.

I grew up with dark circles under my eyes caused by genetics. My mom experienced dark shadows under her eyes, as well. I tried every over-the-counter product, but they only provided minimal results. I saw a board certified facial plastic surgeon who recommended a few options, including fat grafting. At first, I decided to try dermal filler. The dermal filler lasted several months, and although I was happy with the results, I was disappointed with the need to keep repeating process. So, I had a fat transfer to treat the hollow area under my eyes.

The fat grafting is a permanent procedure, but I may need to have another fat injection later in life if aging causes my face to lose more fat. My results are very natural, and I am pleased! My friends and family do not know that I had the fat injection procedure, but they immediately responded to my treatment by complimenting me on how refreshed and healthy I look. My confidence has increased, and I feel better about my appearance. The procedure took about an hour, local anesthesia was used, and the recovery took about a week and a half because it caused mild bruising. The treatment is safe, and I'm thrilled with my results.