What is the recovery time for fat transfer to the breasts?

I am scheduled for a fat transfer breast augmentation. Has anyone had this procedure? What type of recovery time should I be prepared for? I took a week off from work so I hope this will be enough time for me to heal.


F, 42, Utah

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Seven months ago, I had fat transferred to my breasts. I discussed my augmentation options with my plastic surgeon and I decided that I would prefer to use my own fat cells instead of breast implants. The procedure and recovery were surprisingly fast and easy. Six days after my fat transfer breast augmentation, I felt generally well. I was still a little sore and was swollen from the thigh liposuction, but I was well enough to go to work and run errands. I wore compression garments on my thighs for two weeks and wore a sports bra for six weeks. My doctor advised me to avoid strenuous activities like exercising and lifting heavy objects. All in all, it took me a full three months to recover. It was slightly uncomfortable, but I wasn’t in pain. If you follow your doctor’s aftercare guidelines, you should have a smooth recovery.

I decided to have a fat grafting breast augmentation two years ago. Having kids and age caused my breasts to change and I wanted them to be fuller and slightly larger. After the procedure, it took three days for me to recover. I did experience pain during the recovery. My plastic surgeon prescribed pain medication to alleviate any discomfort. I was able to return to some normal activities after the three days. I returned to my job a week after the cosmetic procedure. However, it was a couple of months before I could resume any strenuous activity like working out. It took a few weeks for my pain and swelling to completely go away. Another thing I was told to avoid was wearing restrictive bras. I wore a sports bra for about three weeks.

Fat transfer for breast augmentation is an option if you are looking for a mild to moderate increase in breast size. The maximum that you can increase is one cup size. I had a fat transfer procedure completed because I was looking to lose a little bit of weight in my waist and add that weight to my breasts. It turned out to be a perfect opportunity for me to sculpt my body and accentuate my breasts. The process was 100 percent natural and dramatically reshaped my body. The part that I loved was that the surgery was virtually scarless because it doesn't require implants. The recovery was also much more comfortable than traditional breast enlargement surgery.

I needed about four weeks to recover. I took a week off from work, and I avoided exercise and heavy lifting for another two to three weeks after the surgery. I wore a compression garment over the area that received liposuction and a sports bra to hold my breasts as they healed. The final evaluation from my doctor took place several months after the procedure. I'm thrilled with the final results that I received, and I get so many new compliments that I know that I look as good as I feel. It's been a real boost to my self-confidence level. While I keep the cosmetic surgery on the down low, I do boast about it to my closest friends. I highly recommend that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation. Fat transfer Breast augmentation may be right for you, but ask your doctor to see before and after photos of previous patients who had the cosmetic procedure completed.

I found that the healing time for this procedure was incredibly short. I obviously continued to have bruising and swelling for a few weeks after it was done but I felt well enough to be up and about within a few days.

I returned to work after a week of recovery time but I probably would have been fine to go back after five days. I took the extra time because I had already scheduled it off though. I also have a higher pain tolerance so that may have made a bit of a difference when it came to how quickly I returned to work.

On top of my own personal experience, I found this bit of information regarding recovery times. A lot of doctors say that you will need four to six weeks to fully recover. You can wear a sports bra again around two to three weeks, you can squeeze your breasts at four weeks, and can sleep on your stomach again at four to five weeks.