What type of results should I expect from fat grafting to the breasts?

I have looked at lots of before and afters of breast augmentations and some of the results are spectacular. I am a little nervous to get breast implants so I was thinking about a fat transfer breast augmentation. How much fat needs to be injected and what type of results should I expect?


F, 26, Kentucky

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Hi LadyQu! The type of breast augmentation you have done really depends on what sort of breast size difference you are hoping to get. I had the fat transfer (which is basically liposuction for your chest) because I only wanted a small increase on one side so that my boobs would both be B cups. The result was really good. In fact, most people were never able to tell that I had had an augmentation done because it was such a small increase. It also looked incredibly natural because it was my own fat cells and not a silicone balloon. The only real downfall for me was that I ended up needing to have a touch-up injection done two and half years later to help my breast retain the size and shape that I wanted. Part of this is because I didn’t use a tissue expander so there was less space for the fat to go and it eventually just re-absorbed (this may not be right, I’m trying to remember what my plastic surgeon said at the time). The amount of fat that I had transferred was pretty small, but then again I only wanted a small boost to my breast volume. I would think that if you wanted much larger breasts you may me a good candidate for a standard augmentation with breast implants.

Fat transfer gave my breast full and firm look and i do not regret. I was deciding between fat transfer and implants but for me fat transfer gives my breast more natural look. And i feel much better not to have anything plastic inserted in my breast. I know it is little bit more expensive but i found it cheaper at Forme clinic in Prague so it was worth the money. But of course it does not increase the size too much, max just one size. 

After having kids my breasts lost their volume. I didn't want breast implants because I was concerned about the fullness of my breasts, not their size. After reading a few reviews, I decided to undergo fat transfer to the breasts. I didn't necessarily want larger breasts, I just wanted them to look fuller. After my surgery, I couldn't really tell how my breasts were going to look. I experienced some bruising and swelling. However, the bruising did start to subside after a week.

It took three months for me to see the final results and I loved them. I looked fuller and gained a cup size. Because the fullness was the result of using my own fat, they looked and feel natural. No one can tell that they were augmented. I chose the right breast enhancement procedure.

I always wanted layer fuller breasts. Once I had all of my kids, I decided to undergo fat transfer breast augmentation. I wanted something that looked and felt natural. I also didn't want to put anything unnatural in my body.

I wasn't looking to get tremendously large breasts. I just wanted to look fuller. My doctor told me that a fat transfer would give me an increase of around a full bra size. I was perfectly fine with that. It six months for me to see the final results. These results are permanent. Although, you can start to see results at two months. I gained an entire bra size. I'm more than happy with my results as they look natural. If you didn't know I had an augmentation, you wouldn't be able to tell.

Two years ago, I had fat transferred to my breasts. I chose to do fat grafting instead of getting breast implants because I wanted to go up one size and have a fuller bosom. I am so glad I made that decision. My breasts are fuller and feel softer than implants. The only downside is that the natural fat that was injected into my breasts will act like fat. That means, if I lose weight, my breast size will decrease, and I may need another fat transfer. My doctor said that if I decide to increase my bust by more than one or two sizes, I would have to get breast implants. For now, I like my new breast size and how natural they look and feel. If you decide to increase your breast size with fat grafting, your doctor will evaluate your health and decide how much fat can be safely injected into your breasts. I’m pleased with my results and glad that I chose fat grafting instead of breast implants.

I had fat transfer breast augmentation completed with fat that was transferred from my stomach. I'm thrilled with the results because it gave me two procedures in one: liposuction and breast enlargement. I lost some weight in my waist, which emphasized my larger and newly enhanced breasts. This process is best for women who are looking for a small increase in breast size or who want more natural-looking results and don't want to do an invasive plastic surgery procedure like getting implants. It was perfect for me because that's what I wanted: natural looking breasts. I wasn't trying to announce to the world that I had a breast enhancement. I just wanted to fill out my clothes better and feel better about my figure. I was able to increase 1 cup size and reduce a couple of inches in my waist. The result is noticeably different. I look better in all of my clothes and especially in my bathing suit.

The recovery time was also much more comfortable than if I had chosen implants. I recommend a breast augmentation with the fat transfer if you want to avoid scars and are looking for a natural solution for increasing your breast size. I only have a few very tiny scars from the small incisions that have significantly faded over time. I appreciate that I have avoided the risks involved with implants, including improper positioning, rupturing and capsule contracture. If you are a skinny person, you may want to gain a few pounds before the treatment to increase the amount of fat added to your breasts. You should visit a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and ask to see before and after photos from previous patients. I wish you the best of luck!