Restylane for Dennie Morgan lines?

I have these nasty wrinkles all around my eyelids that I'm told are the result of my allergic reaction to something.. My GP told me that these kinds of wrinkles are usually called Dennie Morgan lines - or Dennie's, I think. He also told me that there wasn't a whole lot I could do about it other than cover them up with make-up, which is what I've been doing anyway. But I've read online that some plastic surgeons are filling these areas with something called Restylane and getting great results. Apparently even Botox can do it as well. First of all, is this even true, and if it is, how many treatments are needed? Do people ever have allergic reactions to Restylane? Because if they do I'm probably a good candidate since I seem to be allergic to practically everything - except peanuts, thank God.


F, 51, North Dakota

Dennie-Morgan lines may form under your eyes and are typically caused by nasal allergies or atopic dermatitis. These double skin folds are the result of allergies and should be treated as such. Seeing an allergist and getting your allergies under control with a nasal spray and antihistamines is the first step towards dealing with these allergy-related lines. 

Restylane® is a hyaluronic acid filler, which is found naturally in the body. Most people do not have a sensitivity to this natural based product. Restylane® can be used to treat the dark circles and fine lines that are commonly caused by allergies or eczema. Allergic reactions to Restylane® is rare, but you may react to natural and manufactured items, including Botox®, Restylane® and peanut butter. 

Formal testing at your allergist's office could be helpful in determining if you are allergic to or sensitive to botulinum treatments, such as Botox®. Restylane® treatments do not require skin testing, but you could request a skin patch to check for sensitivity. Restylane® results last between six and nine months.

Botox® is not a suitable treatment for fine lines under the eyes, but Restylane® would fill in fine lines after you have the allergy symptoms under control with the help of an allergist. You can probably get the answers you want by combining treatments from an allergist and a cosmetic doctor. Best of luck. 

There is some possibility of an allergic reaction to Restylane, and if you have frequent allergic reactions I would be sure to mention this to your doctor before having the injections. In most cases, the reactions are minor and include minor swelling and bruising. My friend said she had just a small amount of pain and then a lot of itching, but it passed within just a day or two. I'm not really sure how severe a reaction can get, to be honest.