Can I achieve a forehead lift with botox?

Does it reduce forehead wrinkles? My colleague mentioned Botox the other day and it got me interested. I tend to frown a lot, even when I'm not angry or concentrating on something, which is weird... It's kind of a habit and I've developed a few lines. I prefer not to have anything major done to my face and Botox is the kind of quick fix I'd be willing to try at least once.


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I'm a very expressive person. Unfortunately, I think that being expressive has caused me to have a lot of wrinkles. A friend of mine recently had Botox done and the results looked amazing. I was hoping to get rid of my wrinkles without having to do anything invasive. I try to avoid surgical procedures as much as possible, so it seems like an ideal solution.

My doctor explained the process to me. She said that Botox would lift my forehead, and treat my forehead lines. When the muscles can't move, the forehead will look a lot smoother. The procedure was quick and completed in an office visit. I didn't experience any negative side effects and loved my results. Another benefit of a forehead lift, it's less expensive than a facelift.

I've been looking to treat my forehead wrinkles. I recently learned that my colleague had gotten Botox, and I'm intrigued by this treatment to say the least. I tend to scowl a lot when I'm focusing at work, so I've built up some fine lines. Botox seems like a good treatment for forehead wrinkles. What I like about it is that its a "zero down time" procedure, but it only lasts for a few months.

I've also looked into surgical forehead lifts and, while recovery is longer, the results are permanent. If I can get rid of my wrinkles for life, I might just go the surgical route.

Yes, it is possible to get a forehead lift with Botox. Usually, you have a consultation with the plastic surgeon before the procedure is performed. Just explain to him or her exactly what you would like to have “fixed” in your frown line area and they can usually inject that specific spot with Botox during the forehead lift. These Botox procedures can usually be combined with other facial plastic surgery procedures too so why not? Get everything you want done at one time to avoid having to sit in the chair for longer than you have to!

Yes, you can decrease forehead wrinkle lines and get dramatic results with regular Botox treatments. That's one of the most common reasons that people get Botox injections. Some people just naturally have stronger "creases" on their foreheads, especially between their eyebrows, and you can see them when they're concentrating hard. I don't think that kind of "wrinkle" is a bad thing. It makes you look intense! lol. However, if you have concerns, there are also anti-aging creams that you can try. Keeping your skin hydrated in general will also help. If you do decide to go the Botox route, at this point, it's a routine procedure that is fairly simple and there are different variations of the substance that different doctors use based on what is best for your unique goals. It's been called a "lunchtime" procedure because there is virtually no recovery time. I've also found face yoga to be helpful. I feel like daily practice of moving my facial muscles every which way has revitalized my skin and made me look younger.

Sure you can achieve a forehead lift with Botox! That's what it's for! You can also achieve similar results with the various brands of fillers on the market. Botox affects how the facial muscles fire (it's a muscle relaxant) whereas fillers are substances that literally fill in the wrinkle areas. Two totally different approaches to the same issues. They tend to be similar in their recovery time (very little if any recovery time). Botox and fillers are definitely less invasive options than than traditional cosmetic surgery procedures. It's an interesting observation, what you said, about how you frown a lot even when you're not consciously angry or concentrating. Look deeply at the cause of this and it might be the first step to remedying your concerns.

Botox paralyzes the muscles in the face, to get rid of the wrinkles on your forehead. However, it is important to know that you need to do your homework when picking a plastic surgeon. I had one friend who got Botox injections to get rid of her wrinkles, but then her eyebrows began to sag over her eyes. When she went back to the treatment center she asked why this happened. The surgeon said that there was nothing that could be done because the skin was directly on her skull and it could not be tightened without a brow lift. She is now considering forehead fillers to fix the problem. Honestly, I don’t trust Botox altogether and I tell all my friends to avoid it.