Do forehead lift exercises ever actually work?

I really don't think that they do. If you ask me, I think that they do more harm than good because of all the stretching and frowning that you need to do. Can someone say for sure if they work?


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I'm in my late forties and I started to notice wrinkling on my forehead. I didn't want to go anything invasive and am fearful that using Botox will have me looking weird. I read a lot about face exercises in general on the internet and about forehead lift exercises specifically. I spent a lot of time and money on products to help me exercise my forehead. After about four months, I realized my efforts weren't working.

I scheduled an appointment with my doc to discuss my wrinkles. I asked if I was doing the exercise incorrectly. She told me that exercising muscles to lift my forehead was never going to work. My doctor suggested two options, the first was Botox, the other was a facelift. Botox could give me the effect of a forehead lift. However, the results would not be permanent. The more permanent solution would be an invasive lift procedure. I didn't want to do that, so I decided on Botox. I do look younger and love the results.

I think it works. However, you need to do a lot of consistent exercising. I found all of the frowning and stretching annoying. The reasoning behind these exercises is that contracting and unwinding the facial muscles will enhance muscle tone.

I can say for sure that forehead lift exercises work beautifully! I had started doing face yoga in the months before having any cosmetic procedures done, and gradual, consistent changes have been noticeable. My friends have been saying that I look younger, which was one of several of my motivations for sticking with my commitment to face yoga in the first place. The other reason is that it just makes sense. When we move any muscles in our body, we stimulate blood flow. When we stimulate blood flow, the waste from our cells gets moved away from the area and eventually out of the body. Movement boosts endorphins, which all add to increased mood and positivity. So does stretching! The point of forehead lift exercises is not to stretch OUT the skin but to intentionally and moderately stretch the area in all directions, to stimulate the area. You said you are concerned about frown lines. When the intentional frowning is part of a cyclical, intentional series of movements, it is beneficial! I see my facial exercise program as a natural facelift with zero side effects.

I am not really sure if forehead exercises actually work. I have caught myself performing the brow lift exercise a lot of times when I am stressed out or if I am tired. I tend to place my index fingers on the ends of my brows and pull my forehead muscles outward when I am trying to figure out what to do in stressful situations. I’ve never thought of them as a facial workout, but I guess I can think of them that way now! But as far as doing them for a youthful look, I am almost 30 years old and I have been told many times that I still look 20, so I guess I’ll keep on “exercising!”

Yes! They most certainly do! Like the other poster was saying, facial yoga can work miracles. Really, it's only sustaining a set frown that is bad. Moving through movements that include flexing the frowning muscles is actually a great thing. It's stimulating for the area. Stimulation does create more cellular activity, blood circulation, and growth of new cell tissue, in the long run. Sure you're not going to see instant results tomorrow. This is the kind of thing that requires conscious commitment to have the anti-aging results, similar to a skin care regiment. You'll have earned your results. I find that a lot of people in the cosmetic surgery community want quick, fast results. It's worth considering the value of a natural approach.

Forehead lift exercises strengthen muscles and stimulates the circulation of blood throughout your face. It also helps to give you a younger look, but results can take up to six weeks to appear. If you are worried about increasing frown lines, focus on upper facial exercises. For example, focusing on brow raises and closed eye lifts can help tighten the skin on your forehead so that forehead lines are not as prominent. Another option is acupuncture which can help to remove wrinkles and lift the skin on your forehead. Face exercises can honestly make a real difference, just have realistic expectations. They will never replace the work of a facial plastic surgeon.