Do lateral forehead lifts give an unnatural look?

I've seen online that lateral forehead lifts only raise the outer portion of the brow instead of the entire forehead, and that some doctors think that the results look fake. I'm confused and I don't know if I should try it or not. I don't want to end up looking like a "surprised" weirdo. What do you think about this type of forehead lift? By the way, my eyebrows are not that droopy, I'm only 39 yo.


F, 41, Virginia

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I had seen online that horizontal forehead lifts just raise the external bit of the temples rather than the whole forehead, and that a few specialists believe that the outcomes look counterfeit. This is a typical procedure. You regularly utilize this for patients that have profound lines on the forehead. People use this assistance to cover up and disguise the scar. The incisions can be red for a while yet this is less of an issue in a man with profound forehead lines. The pleasant thing about brow lift procedures is that there are numerous alternative cosmetic surgery options. An accomplished brow lift specialist will talk about the choices and let you know which will work best for you. I went to a friendly medical practitioner who advised me on everything I needed to know about my procedure. I am extremely happy with everything.

I know a couple of ladies who have had lateral forehead lifts and I think they look lovely. I've spoken to one of them and she's very happy with the results of her procedures. The slightly raised or arched eyebrows really work for some facial structures, but obviously not others. Have you found a doctor that you trust yet? Every doctor is going to have his or her personal preferences. If you are confused, consult a couple of plastic surgeons and they will use their fancy computer technology to draw up a mock-up of your face with the procedures in question and you'll get to see for sure how your individual features will react to the change. I think that speaking with a doctor about the plastic surgery options available to you would be the next step.

I do not feel like a lateral forehead lift gives an unnatural look. I feel like after my lateral forehead lift my eyes look more pronounced. They don't look as hooded as they looked before. My skin also doesn't look as saggy as it did before and I look energized and not as tired as I did before. My face actually looks refreshed and youthful. Lateral forehead lifts are a new option, as before the only options were to have a coronal incision or the endoscope procedure, which tends to pull muscles that should not be pulled and that’s what actually creates that unnatural look on a patient’s face. The lateral forehead lift is a much better option than these other lifts. There's actually less of a chance of complications with the lateral forehead lift as opposed to the other two options.

Lateral forehead lifts tighten and lifts the outer portion of the eyebrow and upper eyelid. This helps to open the outer corner of the eye and gets rid of crow’s feet. It also lifts the area of your eyebrow that is closest to your temples on the side of your head. Even though its a small incision, it runs the risk of making your eyebrows arches look odd. For example, if the outer portion of your eyebrows is a lot lower than the inner portion near your eyes you will look a little unnatural. Endoscopic forehead lifts raise your whole forehead and both of your eyebrows evenly. Endoscopic lifts elevate your both of your eyebrows so that you look more natural.

Wow, only 39 years old, without droopy eyelids, and considering a forehead procedure? Can you tell us more about your goals? Are you experimenting? Just wondering about ways to keep your look fresh? Honestly, I'm not too familiar with lateral forehead lifts, but I can say that I'm very happy with the results of my endoscopic brow lift. The folks that plastic surgeons encourage to consider lateral forehead lifts are going to be people concerned about hooded eyelids, a specifically drooping brow line. It's basically an eyelid surgery for people who need their eyelids raised. If you're not one of those people, perhaps don't worry about this more specialized procedure. Hope my experiences shed some light. Have a great day.