Do ultrasound forehead lifts have proven results?

I don't understand how ultrasounds can lift skin. I've seen a video of a woman trying this treatment but I'm not really sure that I noticed a significant difference in how her forehead looked. Did it work for you?


M, 51, Pennsylvania

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One of the most popular ultrasound forehead lift options out right now is Ultherapy. It is a great alternative for people who want a non-invasive alternative to a surgical facelift. The process uses the energy from an ultrasound to heat the targeted facial muscles. This encourages your body to begin new collagen production. The procedure is usually recommended for women under 45 who take care of their skin. This procedure usually works for those who who have sagging skin. This option is not for people who are in a rush to see results because it usually takes three to four months before the results have reached its full effect. Ultherapy usually costs a third of the price for a full facial list surgery. There are other non-invasive options like Xeomin, Thermolifts, and Laser treatment which are similar and have lasting results as well.

Ultherapy as it is commonly referred to, is when a plastic surgeon uses ultrasounds to naturally lift the skin without having to do any type of surgery. This is a really great new technique that has just recently started making headlines, since becoming approved by the FDA. It requires no downtime, so if you’re worried about missing work or that you cannot do your normal chores or go to your kids’ activities, that’s something you don’t have to think about anymore. It uses ultrasound energy to jumpstart the skin's natural healing response. It looks all natural because it is natural. No one will know that you had any work done unless you tell them yourself. This is the option that I'm going to go with once I need some skin tightening! It sounds awesome!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I love ultrasound forehead lifts! I've had several already and I plan to go back for more. It takes time. All things worth doing naturally take a little bit of time. The procedure gives very natural results because it triggers your body's natural healing process. I came to this forum, sort of considering a cosmetic forehead lift. I've aged a lot due to stress, and my work demands that I tend to my appearance. I am so glad that I found a way to put off going under the knife. I can't recommend this procedure more! For what it's worth, ultrasound tends to work for restoration and reparation of a lot of other cellular tissues, including sports injuries. There's basically no scary side effects which is also great. Definitely worth checking out, I have the great results to prove it!

Yes, I stand by all kinds of ultrasound treatments, including forehead lifts AND ultrasound treatment for various sports injuries. The great thing about ultrasound is it actually activates the cells in the area and rejuvenates the cells leading to faster and more effervescent cell replacement and growth! In other words, an ultrasound forehead lift is actually quite "natural" and attends the root of the issue rather than trying to hide it or cover it up or temporarily harness it (as is true with Botox and forehead lift tape).