Forehead Lift vs Brow Lift. Which One Is better?

To be honest, I don't even understand the difference between them that well, but I know that they are different procedures. I read that a forehead lift would raise my eyebrows, and that a brow lift might not. Does this mean it's safer to go with a forehead lift because it will help the entire upper part of my face?


F, 54, Connecticut

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Browlifts elevate the eyebrows to a higher position on your face. There is an incision at the hairline that work to make frown lines and forehead sagging vanish. This type of procedure usually gets rid of forehead wrinkles and excess skin, but the results are not guaranteed. A forehead lift does a better job of removing deep wrinkles in the upper portion of your face because the incisions are a little different. For brow lifts an incision is made across the forehead spanning from ear to ear. This often results in hair loss and visible scarring, but that depends on your surgeon’s technique as well. Forehead lift surgery incisions are usually small incisions made in the hairline. The surgery results in minor hair loss in the areas that are cut. In response to your question, this forehead lift procedure is more inclusive towards lifting your brows and getting rid of any lines on your forehead that may be there. It can be difficult to decide which form of facial plastic surgery will give you the best results without speaking with a doctor. I'd recommend finding a facial plastic surgeon who offers both procedures and ask them for their professional opinion.

You'll need to give us a lot more information for any of us to help you with your question. It's not really about determining which procedure is better, but which one is better for YOU specifically. What are your cosmetic goals? Is part of your goal improving your appearance by lifting your eyebrows? That can be achieved through both the forehead lift and the brow lift, only the results are going to vary subtlety. Some people naturally have high brows, some have lower brows and which procedure is best to achieve their unique goals for their face is going to be something a doctor can help you with. He'll use some of those high-tech, before-after prediction computer programs to show you your options. That being said, I have friends who have had brow lifts, and they are satisfied with their results. I have known a gal who had a forehead lift, but was dissatisfied for other reasons that had nothing to do with the forehead lift. I hope this helps.

I've looked into both of these cosmetic procedures because I was trying to find out more about their recovery times. What I've learned is that forehead lifts and brow lifts are essentially the same thing – they deal with the same area of the face. However the main and only really difference is the brow gets a little extra something in a brow lift. The brow line will receive a small injection into the bottom portion to give an extra lift to that area. It’s important to really think about if you would like the extra brow lift though. Some people don’t look normal with elevated brows and your plastic surgeon would be the best person to tell you if you are a good candidate for the extra portion of the procedure. It’s also important to keep in mind that if the forehead procedure is done, you may not be allowed to get the brow procedure with it if the surgeon thinks that it would take away too much skin from your eye lids. Drastic surgical procedures will leave you with too little skin on your eyelids and you won't be able to close your eyes properly. I would consult with your plastic surgeon to determine if you’re the right person to get both procedures.

Yes, you've got that right. With the forehead lift, your entire forehead will be lifted, and the incision will be made behind your hairline. It is intended for people who are concerned about forehead wrinkles. Whereas, a brow lift is merely the lifting of the brows. They are for people who are concerned about their brows drooping, exclusively. I was starting to have issues with my upper eyelids. I've always had a strong brow line that was very heavy. Maybe from all the stress (and therefore frowning...) of my recent divorce, it was like my brows were starting to obscure my eyes! I decided to treat myself to a brow lift surgery. I'm extremely happy with it. I feel like when I look in the mirror, my eyes are bigger and brighter. (That might also be the result of being free of a toxic marriage, or both, lol).