How can I get a smaller forehead without surgery?

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I am petrified of getting any invasive surgery yet I want to find a solution to make my forehead smaller. Is there anyway to do this without surgery?


M, 41, Tennessee

How can i got smaller forhead


I have a very large forehead and I tried different hairstyles to try to conceal my big forehead, but the true answer was plastic surgery. I'm thrilled with my results, and the scar is hidden by my hairline. I get so many compliments on my eyes because they are now the focus of my face instead of my huge forehead. The surgery really was simple and the recovery was quick. I recommend that you go to a surgeon and ask about the surgery rather than trying to change your hairstyle.

I have an irrational fear of surgical procedures. So, when I decided that I wanted a smaller forehead, I expressed my desire for a non-surgical procedure at my initial consultation. My doctor was honest and said there were two approaches to getting the look I desired. I could undergo a hairline lowering operation. Or, I could try hair grafting. Hair grafting is a non-invasive approach that involves taking plugs of hair from one area and transplanting them at the hairline to create a new hairline. It doesn't involve going under the knife like a hairline lowering operation requires. I opted for the hair grafting procedure to address my high forehead.

I've always been incredibly sensitive about my forehead look. I was teased throughout my life about the size of my forehead. I decided in my 30's that I wanted a smaller forehead that better suited my face. When I spoke with a plastic surgeon, I was told that there really aren't a lot of non-surgical options that would reduce the size of my forehead. I would have to change my hairstyle. Being a guy that would have been hard and not really a solution. Outside of hiding my forehead, my only legitimate options were a hair transplant or a surgical procedure to lower my hairline. I discussed the two options with my doctor and decided that a hairline lowering surgery would give me the results I desired.

Is your large forehead from a balding hairline or from genetics? If your hairline is balding, there are prescription drugs that may reduce hair loss. Unless you want to get a hair transplant, there is no choice but to undergo forehead reduction surgery if you want to reduce the size of your forehead. If it makes you feel any better, it's a very easy surgery and recovery time is not so bad. I opted for it and the way I see myself has changed drastically. It was worth every penny and every stitch. I was back on my feet working within a few days, and aftercare is not complicated.