How can I lower my hairline naturally?

My forehead looks huge. I think that if I am able to lower my hairline I will be able to mask the size of my forehead. I currently wear my hair down with bangs so it doesn't look so big but if I ever want to wear it up, I definitely see an unattractive me. Is there a way to lower my hairline naturally?


F, 24, California

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When you say, "lower the hairline naturally", I assume you mean you are interested in a non-surgical hairline lowering procedure. Unfortunately, there is presently no non-invasive method to lower a high forehead. However, the good news is that for the right candidates, hairline lowering surgery is a straightforward, safe procedure. It can usually be performed in one single surgery, with minimal downtime and very little postoperative swelling or bruising.

Female patients who have suitable scalp/forehead laxity and no family history of hair thinning or female hair loss are usually excellent candidates for surgery. The procedure involves the excision of a strip of forehead skin directly below your current hairline. A very fine, irregular incision is often made to blend in more effectively with the hair.

After healing, hair will grow through and in front of the hairline, effectively concealing the scar. Scar healing depends on the patient: some note that their scar is almost imperceptible within a few weeks while others take up to six months before the scar significantly fades. The results are usually very natural and beautiful.

Some female patients with insufficient scalp laxity can still be candidates for the procedure, however. For the surgery to be successful, the procedure must be staged in two parts. The first stage requires a tissue expander to be placed beneath the scalp. The expander is slowly filled to gently stretch the skin to acquire the necessary skin laxity for surgery. After several weeks the tissue expander is removed, and in the second stage of the surgery, the natural hairline is advanced forward.

I strongly suggest you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss your options. Don't trust anyone who tries to convince you that you’ll gain good results from non-surgical methods. Only surgery is capable of giving you long-term, beautiful results and restore proportion to your features. Most importantly, it can give you back your self-confidence and the freedom to wear your hair any way you choose.

No. I wanted a lower hairline but didn't want to do anything invasive. I was experiencing a ton of hair loss towards the front of my hairline and it was receding pretty badly. Unfortunately, there really aren't any options to naturally lower a high hairline. The best I could do was try different hairstyles and wearing hats. However, that doesn't really correct the problem. There were two options presented to me. I could remove the skin from my forehead via hairline lowering surgery (forehead reduction), or I could get a hair restoration procedure. I decided on the hair graft because It's not as invasive. My doctor told me that I would be able to achieve the look I wanted using this method. I only needed one treatment session and am pleased with the results.

I have a large forehead. My forehead size is something that I always felt self-conscious about. It also made me the subject of a lot of ridicule. I wanted to make my forehead smaller by lowering my hairline but didn't want to do anything invasive. I don't like being under the knife. I scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon. During this consultation, I found out there's no effective, natural way to actually grow new hair. I would have to wear hats or change my hairstyle. We discussed some options that would effectively lower my hairline. I decided on a hair transplant because it didn't involve me going under the knife. I love the results. My forehead is in proportion to the rest of my face and I have a natural-looking hairline.

I lowered my hairline with a forehead reduction surgery. I tried wearing bangs and did all the natural treatments that they suggested to do, but I didn't get the results that I wanted until I had the surgery completed. I'm really happy with my surgery results because my face is now proportionate with my forehead. My eyebrows and eyes are more prominent, and I get a lot of compliments on how pretty my eyes are.

Hey, sorry you feel unattractive. I'm here to tell you that is exactly how I felt for years. However, there is no natural alternative to forehead reduction surgery. Every procedure that aims to fix your problem has to be done surgically, unfortunately. I recommend you save up some money, find a reputable surgeon with years of experience, and take the plunge. That's what I did, and I don't regret anything. You could look into a hair transplant also, but this is an expensive surgery to fix a receding hairline.

Naturally? As in without invasive surgical procedures? I have no idea, but I severely doubt so. The only way you can minimize the appearance of your forehead is like you're doing, with strategic hairstyles. If it makes you feel better about surgery, I had a forehead reduction last year and I felt that it was not invasive and that healing times were lightning quick. The only thing is you need to care for your incisions so they don't scar heavily. Other than that, there is no better alternative to a reduction.