Is there a hairline lowering procedure to make my forehead smaller?

It may be a combination of a receding hairline and genetically having a very large forehead, but is there a procedure that could make my hairline cover more of my forehead so it doesn't look so big?


M, 37, New Jersey

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I'm pretty happy with the way I look overall. The big exception to this statement is my large forehead. I spoke to a cosmetic surgeon who gave me two options to lower my hairline. The first option involved grafting hair to my forehead to form a lower hairline. The other option was more invasive. It involved moving my scalp forward and removing skin. I decided to take the plastic surgery approach because it only required one relatively easy surgery and the results were immediate. Hair grafting takes several months to see the final results. It may also require additional treatment sessions.

I had a high forehead and hated it - mostly from hair loss. I would do everything I could to try to hide it, but nothing really gave the satisfaction I wanted. I spoke with a cosmetic surgeon about my problem and was told that I have two options. I could have a hair graft or undergo surgical hairline advancement. Surgical hairline advancement would involve removing the skin from my forehead and stitching it back together. The end result is a lowered hairline. Grafting involved adding hair to the front of my hairline. I really didn't want to do anything invasive, so I decided to undergo hair grafting. Because my hair is fairly thin, it did take several procedures to get the look I desired. Depending on how many grafts you need and the hair density of your donor hair is usually plays into how many sessions you may need. I am happy with the results from my hair transplant as my forehead is no longer a prominent feature.

I chose to have a cosmetic procedure known as forehead reduction surgery because my forehead was overly large. The distance between my eyebrows and my hairline is now proportionate in balance with the rest my face. The overall appearance of my face has been improved with my smaller forehead. I highly recommend the surgery with my results. The recovery period was smooth and the scar is easily concealed along my hairline.

If your hairline is receding, that can be a problem. Forehead reduction pulls your hairline down while eliminating excessive skin. However, if you have no hairline, then the surgery is redundant. I would consider hair grafting and booking a consultation with a plastic surgeon first, to see what they say. My hairline is thick and full, which made me a good candidate for the surgery. My scar is hidden by my hair, and no one can tell I had a hairline lowering surgery.

Yes, it's called a forehead reduction or hairline lowering procedure. I underwent this surgery about two years ago, because I was tired of having a high hairline. My head looks normal now, and it's done so much for my self-esteem. You can't see the scarring, and the finished product is completely natural. If I didn't tell people I had a surgical procedure, they wouldn't believe me.