Abdominal Distention and Numbness Two Years Post Mini Tummy Tuck

I have abdominal distention and numbness two years post mini-tummy tuck. Just above the scar in the middle of my stomach, I have distention, which is hard to the touch and numb. I’ve been told that it may be scar tissue from a seroma not draining completely.  

Do you know what I can do to have this reduced? I am 5 foot 2 inches and weigh 110 pounds. I have scoliosis and have shrunk 2 inches. My surgeon just pulled my skin tighter to get rid of the excess skin caused by me shrinking from my scoliosis. He only removed about 2 inches of excess skin and I have been left with a bloated, very hard to the touch and numb abdomen. 

Any help or suggestions you can give me would be very much appreciated! 

All the very best!



F, Alberta

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Numbness after a tummy tuck, unfortunately, is not uncommon.  The procedure involved cutting the sensory nerves to the skin, and the degree to which they return is extremely variable.

Addressing the distention would depend entirely upon what is causing it.  If you had a seroma that was not treated, then the remaining fluid and the seroma capsule, itself, would likely be causing excessive fullness and firmness in that area.  The only way to treat this 2 years postop would be to have the seroma capsule surgically removed and have the area re-closed.  Weight gain may also cause abdominal distention, as the intestines actually get "fatter" when you gain weight.  I recommend following up with your surgeon for an evaluation and discussion of your options.  Good luck.