Aesthetic Concerns When Removing Facial Mole

I have had a mole on my right cheek for as long as I can remember. I would really life it to be removed. It is quite large, raised and not aesthetically appealing. Would it be a bad idea to remove this benign mole because of how large and visible an area it's in? What mole removal techniques would leave the most desirable aesthetic result? Should I go to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon?


F, 20, Utah


Removing that mole would require an incision which will by definition leave a scar.  The technique and method of closure is critical for an optional result.  A board certified plastic surgeon would be well trained to do this for you.

When considering removing benign moles, the question you always have to ask yourself is will the resulting scar will be more or less noticeable than the mole.  In your case, it is likely that if the procedure is performed correctly (plastic surgeon or cosmetic/surgical dermatologist) that it will be less noticeable than the mole that is currently there.  This is not a guarantee, but there is a very good chance.