Am I a candidate for cosmetic procedures?

I have many scars on my face because I was in a car accident when I was 7 years old, including a shifted/crooked nose. When I was a child my mom took me to a doctor who explained children can't have cosmetic surgery because of growing facial features. So we waited and waited.. and here I am t 46 years old, now with the added "bonus" of aging skin. I need advice on how I can improve. I know I don't want sagging skin. It kills me to look in the mirror and see how horrible I appear. My main sagging concerns are in my neck and lower face. The scars... I have lived with them my whole life, so those are secondary. As for my nose, it has always been an issue because I can't breathe properly and when I get sick it just gets worse. I know that it would be impossible for me right now to get everything fixed but I need to start somewhere. Right now I am leaning towards the neck/facelift. I need to know how much it costs so I can plan financially, and if I am a candidate. I hope so!!! My medical conditions include diabetes ( which I have under control with diet and exercise, no medications), anemia, low thyroid function. I don't know if it matters, but almost all the scars I have from the car accident are keloids.


F, 49, Illinois

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I am sorry to hear about all of this you have been living with.  You have a number of things which can be successfully improved with cosmetic surgery, including the facial laxity, nasal problems and scarring.  It is difficult to comment further without photos and an examination.  I suggest scheduling an in person consultation to evaluate your options.