Am I a good candidate to get breast implants?

I’m 35 years old, I’ve had 2 children and don’t plan on having any more. I breast fed both of my children. I used to have perky C cups which my husband loved, but now most of my bras are too big and my boobs are not as full as they used to be. They sort of sag. Am I a good candidate to get breast implants? Maybe a lift as well? I just want them to look like they used to.


F, 36, Virginia

Absolutely!  Your situation is the perfect one for implants to replace the volume that you lost. Sometimes a lift is necessary too, but I would have to look at some pictures to give you my opinion.  Or you can go to a plastic surgeon for an in-person consultation.  Best of luck!

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Hi Jenny,

Your question has two facets to it: loss of volume and sagging. These are different problems with different solutions. Loss of volume alone is solved by implants, albeit imperfectly. You will probably not have breasts that “look like they used to”. You must accept the fact that you have had two pregnancies and your breasts have changed in ways that no surgery can totally reverse. If you also have sagging, you might need a lift. Sagging, or ptosis, is determined by the position of the nipple relative to the crease under your breast where the breast meets the chest wall. If the nipple is above or at this line, sagging is absent or minimal and implants alone will probably do what you wish. If the nipples are below this line, you probably need a lift. This is a very different operation from implants and the two procedures work counter to each other so I rarely ever do them simultaneously. If a patient needs, or desires, both, I always recommend doing the lift first. Many patients are pleased with the result and forego the implant surgery. If they still wish implants, I do this no sooner than 3 months later, to allow full healing from the lift. Your best bet is to see a board-certified plastic surgeon who can examine you, discuss your desires and goals, and recommend an appropriate plan of action. I wish you success with this.


R. T. Bosshardt, MD, FACS

Jenny, those are great reasons to want implants. Go see a board certified plastic surgeon for an exam and consultation. Thee are many  choices of implants to restore the way you would like your breasts to look.good luck.

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