Am I right to be wary of attending in a Botox party?

Some of us 'older girls' (and one man!) at work have been tossing about the idea of one of us hosting a Botox party. From my understanding, it is a get-together, not unlike a tupperware or sex toys party, where you receive Botox injections in a group setting while enjoying drinks and snacks. I am sure that it wouldn't be left up to the party-goers to supply and administer the Botox but if not us, then who? Would a real doctor ever attend something like this? I am entertaining the idea of actually pursuing this but I am very, very concerned about safety issues and imagine that there must be specific guidelines that must be followed before anything else can happen. So where and how should I begin?


F, 41, Utah

It would be my advice to stay within a healthcare practitioner's office so you know exactly who is administering the Botox and you can check their credentials beforehand. Many offices, including ours, are happy to arrange an in-office "party" that is both safe and fun.