Am I too young for a facelift (39)?

I turn 40 in a little under two months. People have always told me I look older than my age, which I didn't mind when I was 16 but mind a lot now. The women in my family don't age so well when it comes to our faces. I have increasing bagginess under my eyes and I've developed jowls. A facelift feels like my best option but will it guarantee that the jowls and eye-bagginess won't return? For a case like mine, would I just end up needing a second facelift? Maybe it's better to wait another five years?


F, 40, California

you are not too young for a facelift.  If you have the laxity in your skin, jowling and baggy lower lids you sound like a good candidate for lower blepharoplasty and lower face/necklift.  Genetics play a  large role.  Younger patients heal well and results hold up longer.  It makes sense to benefit from the results now rather that wait.  Think less of age and more of whether or not you will benefit.  even if you need a secondary procedure down the road, it will maintain your result.  It will help you age well.

It's best to have an evaluation now. If you wait 5 years, your jowls might sag more and make it more difficult for you to achieve your desired result. Also the discussion about eye bags sounds like a lower blepharoplasty might be considered. If it's not bad, non surgical techniques on the face could also be considered

You are not too young for a facelift, but I imagine it may be excessive for you, considering the scars it would create and potential risks/downtime. I offer a scarless facelift that requires 3 tiny stab incisions and uses heat to tighten the skin and reverse the early signs of aging. It does not have the same dramatic results of a facelift, and there are still possible complications, but it can be done while you are awake, and based on your age it seems like you fall in the the sweet spot for a procedure like this. (Too much laxity for skin resurfacing or lipo alone, too little laxity for a full facelift). Facetite is a great new technology and there is very little downtime- check it out!

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