Any surgeons who do rhinoplasty for ethnic folk?

I am a man of East Indian origin/ethnicity who lives in Bennington, Vt. I was brutally assaulted two years ago and in addition to being left with a broken collarbone and three cracked ribs, had my nose broken by these thugs. I've since healed but my nose is now bent and when I look in the mirror it's like I'm looking at a pugilist - one whose lost more fights than he's won too. Seriously though, I would like to have my old nose back but don't know if I can trust any local plastic surgeons to do it. My nose, as with most people from my part of the world, has a very different character and shape than people with Caucasian ancestry so I don't think I would feel comfortable being operated on by a doctor with no experience crafting noses for people of ethnicities other than white or Negro/African. While I would much prefer to have this done locally, if i have to go to Boston or NYC to find someone who can do this for me I will.


M, 38, Vermont

Thanks for your question. In princeton NJ, we do lots of ethnic rhinoplasty as you can imagine. It definitely requires different preparation and different techniques to achieve the desired results.  If you'd like you can email your photos to our office, and we can discuss them further.

Best of Luck! 

Samir Undavia