Any tips to Getting Breast Implants to Drop?

Are there any tips or tricks to getting breast implants to drop? I am getting a little concerned that mine have not dropped yet and I do not know what to do. Should I hop up and down? I know of some tricks to induce labor, would those work for getting breast implants to drop as well?


F, 31, Delaware

How far along are you in your recovery? While I would not recommend hopping up and down, there are some things that physicians will recommend to help breast implants drop into position. It is not at all uncommon for breasts to settle at different speed. Many have one breast which stubbornly stays high until it is ready. I would discuss options with your surgeon, as doctors do have different methods that work well for them. Some use bands, others recommend going braless, others use massage. You do not want to start anything too early in your recovery. It is important to allow your body to heal in the time it needs. Try to be patient, talk with your doctor, and remember everything in moderation!

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